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7 Feb 2002 @ 02:51, by Max Tobin

Grinning Rhymes.
To ease the dis ease
Juggle these,
Long may they tease.
So some rhyme,
And some attempt to stop,
Before they rhyme
The past contains the present,
We dream of the future
While attempting to relate
For I have seen
the midnight sun
and all that might
is now begun.
The garden is magical,
To perceive possibilities
Beyond the realm
Of any one person
We are collectively
Acting as God,
For the planets destiny
Is in our hands
Only the tip shows
Icebergs melt
When warmed
Therefore be
Aware of differences
Which are bound
To exist.
whilst individuals
bind themselves to being,
self concepts
You are everything,
Because everything is now.
And you are here now
aren’t you?
It is a game to play
If you have a taste
for the real world.
Bizzare but quite beautiful.
Appeal to your creator
And you will find
Your path.
Is a shedding
Of burdens
And a gaining
Of response ability.
The pearl I found
So small and round
A natural jewel
A life entity,
Beauty created
Because it iritated.

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7 Feb 2002 @ 03:01 by tdeane : Beautiful Way to Start My Morning
Max, Thank you. Much Love ~ Tricia  

9 Feb 2002 @ 00:41 by mmmark : MAX
You have the power - In this hour - you feed us - you please us - and do inspire!  

13 Feb 2002 @ 13:14 by maxtobin : Thanks Mark
You empower the power that I AM channels through my pen and paper, The need to share is deep, I thank you all for helping me find this space of expression. The inner bliss that inspired the poet was many years ago labeled as madness, now I feel a healing wind all around me, and although the 'real' life is still a struggle it has a sane balance in this virtual space and my well discerned 'spiritual' friends. So few see the grand beauty inherent in each and every moment. Bless you all  

26 Jun 2002 @ 21:56 by magical_melody : Max, isn't everyone just a wee bit mad?
We have all been there. In the karmic vast expanse of creation, all of us have tasted the bitter fruit of destructive thoughts, feelings -and re-experienced the traumas stored within until we could meet the dragons with courage and stamina, to finally slay the lies and deceptions internalized for aeons. Imploding nightmares brought some of us to our our knees and for some, to locked wards.

My feeling, tells me that you have crossed the deep and wide expanse of those voids and the bloody terrain, where death and life come face to face to meet as friends reunited over the expanse of time and space. Lifetimes apart, they rejoin to share their stories and their victories. Max, you have seen the midnight sun, and it ain't for those with weak knees and lil boy pleas. Every true warrior is tested as he walks the perilous path of discipleship or from page to true King. This is a time of crossing over. I welcome you to the garden, where the old skins must be buried with appreciation, gratitude and celebration. How far you have come my friend!! It takes one, to know one!!
Love, Alana  

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