Maxims: Some reflections on possible future direction    
 Some reflections on possible future direction4 comments
20 Jan 2002 @ 17:40, by Max Tobin

A concept for the future
A Vision
Rather more than a Dream
A Collective Footprint
A bold step in cooperative hope into a future
Sanity and hope
For health well being and organic integrity
This alone
with a ‘no poison’ -Zero tolerance-
for that which is not in balance.
With regards to agriculture and health.
Pharmacutical-Medical conspiracy, Ignorance
And a desire to monopolise the food chain
On the part of certain Corporates
Has created a percieved need for GE.
Manipulation of the DNA is a crime against Life
A God like act
Without God like Wisdom
Created by a certain attitude
Generated by Greed
ONLY our ignorance allows ill-health
Humans who are a-tuned and empowered with the knowledge of this age
Have no need to experience dis-ease or de-stress.
Un-contaminated by generation of abuse patterns
We are divine beings
To tamper with the divine pattern is an abuse
This will not happen in an eco-nation.

Involves making changes at a DNA level
This is the same level that the divine pattern
(I AM manifest as you)
Has been created in a moment of divine love
This is the moment of creation
The moment of divine love.
If there was an abusive pattern of dominance and control
Manifest at that time then the pattern my be somewhat
less than divine.
However our own divine intent to live in light and love as ONE NATION
Will transmute any inherited wrong
Do we trust the scientists and corporate system
To manipulate our divine organic ecosystem
And risk our future now for all the generations to come.
Its common sense
Add your support to an

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22 Jan 2002 @ 21:44 by ashanti : YES!
Reading all the way through, my response was "Yes. Yes. YES." Powerful, beautiful writing, resonating with universal law and divine intelligence. Thank you. Love, Kim.  

4 Feb 2002 @ 01:54 by shawa : Eco is all right...
...but why on EARTH "nation"??? (Smile.) Thanks. I like your writing.  

6 Feb 2002 @ 02:01 by mmmark : Maxin
Max we miss you!  

6 Feb 2002 @ 20:45 by maxtobin : Still here
Hi Mark, I'm still here busy doing /being enjoying growth!
Lady moonshadow, of course your right. this was prepared as a little something for our local movement and I thought it would be worthy of sharing with my larger new found family. Now it would read far more appropriatly if it were eco planet, or why not nation with the nation being terra we are one nation with many lands?? Just a thought, but these words are only a starting point your comment tells me you know what I mean and that is far more rewarding than any aggrement.Bless you all!!  

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