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17 Dec 2001 @ 03:28, by Max Tobin

From the heart of my understanding
come oft unbid words sweet or otherwise.
To tease and tempt or push and deceive,
And some there are that reveal themselves
only after a fair old wrestle.
But never forgetting essence of prime
God/Godess, All that is. For thus is constantly
the being filled with divine enthusiasm
En Theo __ God within?

Lemuria essence of ONE
Aeoteroa is a rampart
A site of application
The wisdom of the ONE
Serves essence of ONE.

All mysteries past
Are also of future
Yet unveiling presently

Serve the Goddess
By serving the priestess
The priestess serves the Goddess
By serving man

Man is never closer to the Goddess
But that he play and serve
Deal with the priestess with honesty
Be there for the chosen ONE
Worship and dwell upon the ONE.

Musing upon MU.

Through the Goddess mystery
The mother of all
Me and you
Mu is mystery revealed
In the heart of all
In the divine moment
Of now and us-ness
All mystery is revealed
Eternal sounds of creation
Vibration of the ONE
Silence is a pure reflection
So in words and no words is the key
MU is consciousness of ONE
All else is an egoic distraction.

Goddess Awakening.

The fleeting moment of reality
Sweetest coloured love dream
Symbolic of divine ONE
A union within sacred GAIA
Our moment in time
The urge of prime creator
Expressed through penetration
Of eternal womb
We are all of the ONE
Prime creator and womb union
And thus is the endless desire
Union dance of ONE
Awakened is the realm of MU
Mother Goddess feeds US
Sustains the endless dance
A dance of glance and Tantric harmony.


Har- Money
And the secrets of abundance
life is, as we believe
be lied to and believe
or know
experience sharmanic life
know secrets
life has no secrets
it is a holy-gram
No mystery but eternal mystery
Mystic magick MU (Me & you)

The voices in the head are OK
It’s the laughter
One needs pay attention to
And there is enlightenment
Within the meditations
On the ONE or the laughter.

Voyagers of the light
Blooming from the seed of light
Blooming into the space of eternal dawn
Chanting the one remembrance
For that is the path that leads beyond
Forever, forever beyond beyond
Knowing only that invisible force
Of which our bodies
Are the fragmentary rainbow reflection
Or let us move on
Like a wind
Blowing through the sun

Blooming LOTOS
Platform for God / Goddess
Source light delight
In consciousness
Polarity duality dance
The mystic glance
Embraced and known
Space of doing in now
The pleasure of manifestation
Such endless facination.

Anthem to the Sun

Great symbol of centred life
Eternal dance of creation,
Heartthrob of material source
All life is response to rhythm
The dance of opposing forces
Coexisting in harmony
And the Sun exists
in our hearts
to bring joy
awareness of unity
pervading creation
we all move in response
the same fluid energy flows
connects our heart
we have only one heart
known when we exist
together in understanding
sit still in your perfection
existence worships creative power
slowly we awaken
hour by hour
the grace, the beauty
we be in awe
the absolute splendor
Divine energy.
manifesting in nodal symbols
the unity of dance
as we know the source within
even the night is filled with light
the Sun pure spirit
conductor of a symphony
which is yet a reflection
of purer music
and greater harmonies
buried deep in mind
shared by guardians
who would guide you home
where you have always been
together in our totality.

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17 Dec 2001 @ 05:28 by istvan : Thanks
Thanks Max.  

17 Dec 2001 @ 05:39 by kay : What a nice way to wake up this morning.
I come here before the coffee pot is even finished. The newslogs is the place for goodmorning warm fuzzies and boy did I find a gem today. Thanks.  

17 Dec 2001 @ 06:29 by bushman : I Understood :}
Did you write these Max?
I like it :}  

19 Dec 2001 @ 11:55 by peazritr : muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve....
forward, said one poetry cow to max; i want to hug. & it was quite awkward to see two poetry cows hugging & then dancing their extreme _moooooooooooooves_ because all i was enrapt by was the sound of their _forward muuuuuuves_ & elipses. because all i saw i heard was my inner voice, dancing the dots... hup two hug three hug four ... moooooving forward...  

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