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 Diet, Health and Vitality.0 comments
picture 3 May 2008 @ 02:16
This may be of interest to any folk who have "Problem Kids" or are concerned that the life vitality and health condition that the average citizen accepts as normal is some what less than is possible.

I believe that vital health and well being is every ones birth right (with the odd exception where genetics have been seriously compromised).
It is possible through wise and intelligent use of the GOOD EARTHS bounty to achieve this with ease and grace. (as we open to a more divine interface)

I have always found the information shared by Phillip to be well researched and non partisan.  More >

 Breakthrough Time0 comments
picture 14 Jun 2006 @ 11:51
In A-cor-dance with our current understanding of the Mayan Calendar. For the next year energy supportive of a deeper understanding/knowing of the unity within the creation will be more powerfully pulsing through earth from the galactic heart. It is a time for aligning with the Heart Mastery inherent in our being human.

Alana and I have prepared a small 'Talking Book' in honour of this occasion and it is available for free download on our site here

 High Tech Break through2 comments
picture 10 Jan 2006 @ 00:51
A local 'Kiwi' company are at the leading edge of technical development of the crystal oscilators which are at the heart of most all of the technical digital tools we use. Particularly important are the products for the GPS industry here they are

They have just announced a product that will change the next generation of cell phones. (I believe this may have been driven by US requirements for cell phones to be trackable)  More >

 Web books and publishing1 comment
picture picture 20 Dec 2005 @ 07:24
I know that a lot of the members are highly creative and so you may be interested to learn about and perhaps to try some new software that we have discovered and are using to prepare our web books for publishing.

We have the first book on our site as a give away in the Native American Tradition and it is timely that this can be for the summer/winter solstice (depending upon your hemisphere) "The Key" There is more to follow, and we are planning a web based learning course which the software also allows for.  More >

 Negative Ions and Consciousness7 comments
picture 7 Apr 2004 @ 02:27
From an Article by Jim Karnstedt

Your awareness is in the air...For centuries, yoga masters of the East have taught that breath is life, and by altering the intake of air, one could alter one's consciousness. The quality of the air we describe as prana or life energy. Now,Western science has coined a name for at least one aspect of that energy and called it "ions." More and more individuals are finding that these tiny electric charges have a lot to do with their awareness.  More >

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