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 Getting beyond the Dogma2 comments
picture 3 Aug 2006 @ 08:33
At this time I sense the need to lift our vibration out of the duality of "us and them" and to focus upon the you and me sensing our ONENESS (as life conscious) within the embrace of a divine and loving creator God/Goddess/All that is. For the DIVINE is ALL loving and ALL Allowing (this is the essential nature of unconditional love).
As such what we believe to be true: IS! For creator loves us so and is ALL ALLOWING; we get to experience that which we believe to be true (and that which through the LAW of LOVE and magnetic attraction we magnetise into our sphere of consciousness).
So how can we continue to pretend to believe in (know of) this divine unity and yet get so bogged down in human conflict and misery? It is all a part of this most wonderful mystery of our shared human story as we learn to co-create with divinity.

The following is a very interesting perspective on what is happening and provides a glimpse into the wonderful work of Carl Calleman. The Calendar is only a tool to be used until we have a full and complete "knowing of the unity" which is possible for (through) an awakened heart.

Blessings to all on the journey at this time of great revealing and healing. (I visited Israel in the mid 80's and my impressions then have been confirmed by history; there will be NO PEACE in the Mid East until the absent wrathful war gods have had their day in the SUN) There is only the knowing of the heart will see us through this next part of ourstory; I hold the hope of all awakening to this and the reality that HARMONY comes when we can embrace and practice Harm-less-ness. May God/Jehovah/Allah impulse and awaken the heart mastery latent within us all. As sovreign individual aspects of the divine we co-create at this time.....

On Israel and Islam –

Update on the approach to The Fifth day of

the Galactic Underworld

by Carl Johan Calleman

The current situation
We are now approaching the Fifth day, beginning on November 24, 2006, and the ensuing energies of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca of the Galactic Underworld. These energies are likely to generate the chaos from which the new world of oneness will be born as we come to the completion of all the Underworlds by October 28, 2011. As I wrote in the article posted on my web site in November of last year, the first half of the Fourth night, November 29, 2005 to May 27, 2006, would be a relatively uneventful time that would be well suited for integration of what had happened in the preceding Fourth day. For the second half of this night, May 28 – November 24, 2006, the time period that we are in now, I however forecasted that new events would be occurring that prepared for the change that would be brought by the Breakthrough energy of the Fifth day. Using comparisons I pointed to the example, among others, of how the Russian revolution of 1905, shortly after the midpoint of the Fourth night of the Planetary Underworld, heralded the fall of the autocratic empires (including the Russian) that came about as a result of World War I after the breakthrough energy of Quetzalcoatl set in in this Underworld in 1913.  More >

 Scape Goats Anyone?1 comment
picture 18 Sep 2005 @ 11:10
Maybe they did not want to save anyone after all?

It seems more important who you know and not what you have done, rather what you claim to have done seems to be enough as long as there are friends in all the right places (see how they run away when the mud gets between the toes).

Until the manure hits the ventilator!!!! But then its merely time to be the sacrifical donkey (hey is that a tail you are pinning on me) and move on to even greener pastures. (I guess back to the Arabian Horse Association is one option!)

It would merely be a big joke if not for the millions dispossesed experiencing very real earth changes to help them remember the need for a greater harmony on the planet. And then along comes the Duct Tape Expert to finish the job?

As long as people feel so disempowered that they seek to control the rest of the world before seeking their own inner light /dark balance (integrity = internal integration), then we will continue to experience the balanced force of the oneness as beyond us and not to be understood. The Creator has not yet finished the work of creation and we humans are the engine of the dominant (domination and dominion have the same root) vehicle currently in fashion on Gaia. One wonders where this journey may take us next.

The lessons are like a massive layer cake piled one on top of the other, however, I sense that in the chaos of these events many will forget that there is no real nourishment in cake, but it tastes good while you reflect on the needs of the moment and ask the only (IMHO) real question that emerges, "What is for the highest and Best good of All" and we is talking about more than human needs now by George....

Read the Articles....  More >

 Sacred Now11 comments
picture 14 Jul 2004 @ 15:21
Or is it scared now?

**** Think before you speak and be open to dialog if conflict arises. And most importantly KNOW THYSELF. This is mastery and the only way a New Civilization can happen.*****

And we must all practice what we preach if we are to walk in integrity!!!!!

I have been witness to all sorts of DRAMA in my life time. The games that go on in the wake up process are profound.
I have often refrained from commenting or entering into certain relationships as this was my way of taking it higher (choice with that which I resonate!!), and I have honoured a request to disengage when that was made. But now, profoundly amused, I find myself playing with blocks in the playground for the first time. And having seen words ex-pressed felt need to comment, so coming up against a block am here to respond.
This is a first, but always change is good, we will see where this goes to.

"I AM" as always seeking to remain open as a vehicle for SOURCE expression in the SACRED NOW.

Blessed be to all you awakening ones, may you shine brightly with your essence, true in Relation-ship NOW?  More >

 Prayer for Peace0 comments
31 Aug 2002 @ 10:35
The collective Godself
Watches and waits.
Can the little minds of men
Stay so empty and devoid
when annihilation of the species
Is at the finger of a mad puppet.
Will the puppet push the button?
The ultimate statement of frustration:
Will the light of love
shine a way.
Will the WISDOM of ages gone
Be used,
To establish a peaceful golden era.
Reflection of a SUN
sustaining power.
Small wonder
That gold is standard?
The ultimate psychic experience.

 A cloud with another color (reflections on a tragedy)5 comments
10 Jun 2002 @ 18:55
A Cloud with another Colour

Still here and in a process of establishing my office at home and doing away with the need to commute or deal with any client or situation that I don’t feel comfortable with. Really did learn a little these last few years about integrity (or rather the lack of it as one climbs the corporate ladder) and how people will die and return from the dead or just stay dead if 'face' requires this. Life has its twists and turns; I have managed to seek out some truly grand life lessons to process. My travels took me to and there I spotted talk of impeachment and couldn't help but recall my earlier comments to you. Wait a little longer and watch what happens in these next months. There is a moment in the ebb and flow of history when all is again possible and the great sickness of endless abuse in its every sense, is finally exorcised and we find what it is to dwell in peace and prosperity as civilized beings can and will, the winner takes all vibration is seen as a limiting thing rather than a facilitating energy. Humans are only truly successful when they willingly cooperate (the mighty dollar only enslaves us otherwise). It is only through the identification of essential goodness that we discover health and the joy that healthy life is."Tis only ever an illusive dream of madness that here on earth is heaven a state to embrace right now!, the fall out from the BUllSHit burning down when the president and his hawkish supporters are revealed as manipulative ********** who deserve to be publicly paraded in stocks and have all manner of foul rotting fruits and veggies thrown at them until finally they are broken and the evil dream is exorcised for the benefit of us all!! Did I not tell you there would be a better answer if we looked inwardly and asked who benefits from this? IT IS FATHER AND SON AND THE UNHOLY GHOST OF WAR AND TORTURE, RAPE AND PILLAGE. A war on terrorism indeed, an endless bout of shadow boxing that the sleeping continent must escape by a collective awakening, the enemy from outside is most feared because they are little understood. However the enemy within, identified, may in the end prove more powerful in the healing of great sickness than all else, for why else did so many need to be sacrificed for this great catharsis. Digital technology can number us and then control, or empower us AS WE ALLOW. I trust the slaves can be set free through simple nutrition and wise life habit, it is a journey of magnificence and celebration, that is worthy of our divine creator heart energy or it will remain an endless drudgery as we choose!! I prefer joy and light, so I send you all a sense of my delight!
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