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 For the moment1 comment
12 Feb 2002 @ 01:21
The moment is magic,
Filled by imagination.
A crossroads
Where what is
Is created
By what has been
and what will be.
Eternally changing
Patterns of living,
Fear of this
Is emotional friction
Between the dreamers,
And the blind.

A rock in roll fantasy
The secret of eternity.
Surely our earth dances,
Rocks and rolls
Through forever thank God.
Rolls to give us day and night,
Rocks to give us summer and winter.
It is a slow dance,
But sure.
It is the dance of material
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 Tobin's teazer's4 comments
7 Feb 2002 @ 02:51
Grinning Rhymes.
To ease the dis ease
Juggle these,
Long may they tease.
So some rhyme,
And some attempt to stop,
Before they rhyme
The past contains the present,
We dream of the future
While attempting to relate
For I have seen
the midnight sun
and all that might
is now begun.
The garden is magical,
To perceive possibilities
Beyond the realm
Of any one person
We are collectively
Acting as God,
For the planets destiny
Is in our hands
Only the tip shows
Icebergs melt
When warmed
Therefore be
Aware of differences
Which are bound
To exist.
whilst individuals
bind themselves to being,
self concepts
You are everything,
Because everything is now.
And you are here now
aren’t you?
It is a game to play
If you have a taste
for the real world.
Bizzare but quite beautiful.
Appeal to your creator
And you will find
Your path.
Is a shedding
Of burdens
And a gaining
Of response ability.
The pearl I found
So small and round
A natural jewel
A life entity,
Beauty created
Because it iritated.
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 Reflections in Time4 comments
17 Dec 2001 @ 03:28
From the heart of my understanding
come oft unbid words sweet or otherwise.
To tease and tempt or push and deceive,
And some there are that reveal themselves
only after a fair old wrestle.
But never forgetting essence of prime
God/Godess, All that is. For thus is constantly
the being filled with divine enthusiasm
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