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 Celebration time2 comments
31 Aug 2002 @ 10:37
Love Light:
Rock’n’ Roll Queen,
Come ride with me
A wave is about to break
all mankind will be freed.
Friendship and trust
Will make its thrust.
We carry the light
Understanding love.
No one can prevent
loves power
capturing all.
We know too much
We see too clearly,
Together we are
Together we must be.
Freedom and peace
Walk hand in hand.
Love lubricates the way
To the delight of understanding.  More >

 Tane as both real & in myth1 comment
18 Aug 2002 @ 13:37
Tane is God of the forest and possibly the most magestic and power filled (for surely legend and his-story embue him with this power) of the native NZ trees. Also from myth in the depths of Mu-story he is the ONE who seperated the prime embrace of mother/father God/dess thus bringing in the light and allowing the sacred play that we are and do. I felt the need to pay my respects on the physical level before I set out on the next phase of the journey into the divine mystery. I am excited and nervous, being totally embraced by Goddess, however, allows more and more of the deep and ancient knowing to manifest. Tane also means man in the Maori language. He stands more than fifty meters tall and has a girth/diameter of more than 13 metres. I am humbled and empowered through this connection.  More >

 As a final Act2 comments
7 Mar 2002 @ 03:49
And so I stop
Center of a quietened consciousness.
All about is wreakage: cosmic waste
in which the lotos grows.
I gaze empty eyed
through lines of eternity.
From a distance chaos strikes
a pleasing balance of graceful
While I maintain my distance,
I see.
the endless lessons of disociation,
the echoing laughter of the joker
playing cupid through our attachment
archer for the godhead.
Playing wisdoms bow
in swimming light.
Sending our distractng mind
inward to the space of all answers
peace within us or without us.  More >

 Wondering0 comments
7 Mar 2002 @ 03:35
The collective God self
Watches and waits.
Can the little minds of men
stay so empty and devoid
when annihilation of the species
is at the finger of a mad puppet.
Will the puppet push the button?
The ultimate statement of frustration:
Or will the light of love
shine a way.
Will the wisdom of ages gone
be used again
to establish a peaceful golden era.
Reflection of a sun
sustaining power.
Small wonder that gold is standard
and the eternal psychic experience.

 For my NCN friends4 comments
12 Feb 2002 @ 01:23
When one finds a friend
One finds the greatest wealth
That we may know.
Friends trust,
And entertain us.
Gems and jewels
Without the sun
are the same
as people without friendship
there is no sparkle

Echoes of Love.
There is:
only one planet,
only one atmosphere,
only one sea,
only one life,
only this moment.
We are the ability to know
And understand this.
There is only one binding force
In the infinite,
The spark of love.
We are but reflections
Of pure and perfect love.
When we become lovers of all,
We begin to live,
A life of understanding.  More >

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