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 The Hunab Ku coming into Focus; NOW5 comments
picture 2 May 2008 @ 10:10
Blessed Be the Mother Ship; (this one for Vaxen!! Keep lighting fires brother.)

I find the changes are now well in focus and it is impossible to deny the Divine impulsing through the One and the Many.

Truly exciting times as we consciously awaken (feel the paradox and allow the humor to shake you free) to the ever present holographic ONE ~ NESS.

This information came my way, my favorite oracle sensed my need to have an external confirmation of the inner knowing which is growing.

I find the messages that Tom brings through are always worthy of deep reflection. Take this one if you will and discern with your own heart the validity and immediacy of the communication. Here is the original article in full

The bulk of the message is below for your nourishment and to support the ongoing wake up calls. Can you hear the screaming yet or does the screen get in the way?  More >

 This Link is A Wee Beauty.0 comments
picture picture 8 Jan 2006 @ 03:01
We have found a great deal of very useful information within the work of Carl Johan Calleman. His 'The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness' is a profound and insightful delving into the calendar which helps with the establishment of the Sacred Now and co-creation with the divine creator as a potent and real alternative to the present mind field which has us as victims in fear of the next explosion.
He recomends the interpretation of his work being presented currently through the wonderful work of Andi Macmillan
and Jag Stewart. In his own words "I whole heartedly recommend it for anyone who wants to be part of the process of transformation in the upcoming time and feel it may develop into a key source of information".

We have had a listen to a few of the broadcasts and it resonates as heartful truth and is worthy of passing on to all who are serious in choosing the service of awakening to our cosmic destiny as co creative player in the divine drama of humans evolution with Gaia.

Highly Recommended

 In honouring Gaia and the Changes2 comments
24 Apr 2004 @ 20:01
A Guiding Star Through the Apocalypse
A Perspective on the Millennium
©Richard Leviton

more from Richard Leviton

As this article is copyright I provide the link only here. I would recommend this as very interesting reading in view of the concerns expressed by a number of the NCN members (and perhaps of interest to many who are not also) regards the 'light' 'dark' polarity and the changes as Gaia and we her childern (we who are also the vehicle for the divine 'I AM" expressing in the material realm) birth the New Civilization and return to the 'promised garden paradise'.  More >

 Honeymoon5 comments
5 Apr 2003 @ 03:29
Magical Awakenings!!  More >

 Especially for Ming1 comment
11 Feb 2003 @ 21:26
Hey I loved the piece with all the comments about the Washington Peace Rally. We had a really good laugh. So thought that you may appreciate this Groovy picture (no offense to Peter Jackson!!). The ring thingy actually seems to have gotten away from us here in Middle Earth, and these hobbits at least apologize to you all for our failure.  More >

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