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20 Jan 2010 @ 01:02
I am pleased to announce that we have published a very interesting web book in the dnl format.

We believe it will prove to be very popular and hopefully stimulate some dialogue and see that the correct questions are asked to throw new light on the tragic death of Michael Jackson.

On behalf of an experienced local psychic we present another story from the one circulating in the mainstream media.  More >

 Paradise Now4 comments
picture 2 Aug 2008 @ 08:13
This is just a wee post to say we have finally gotten out of the madness and begun the process of settling into paradise and co creating a heaven on earth.  More >

 Shame, Blame or a Sham?5 comments
7 Sep 2005 @ 09:57
At a distance all appears peaceful to the peace-filled heart.

Did I hear the alarm go off? I must have slept right through it!!
A very interesting little article I stumbled accross may add something to the soup to bring out another flavour.
It would be a shame to harp on about the essense of this present non-sense, it would break hearts open and allow a flow of the healing waters; perhaps to remove the contamination of polluted places and activities. BUT oh dear I believe we will create more deception before the redemption. Read on to get an English journo's take on this tragic event. This was published in the local New Zealand Herald. Can any sense the tounge in cheek and hear the unspoken words, do not let it vex you the V*X has a worthy answer, be careful however not to choke on it before the cruel joke of it.  More >

 There is light in the Darkness.2 comments
picture 23 Feb 2004 @ 23:53
I encourage everyone to do all they can to support this initiative to bust the control agenda hologram!!!

February 26th, 2004, at 10 AM EST

***Call for Solidarity from GE FREE VERMONT CAMPAIGN!***

70 Vermont Towns
Hundreds of Vermont Farmers
Thousands of Concerned Neighbors

Join The Global Movement
Against Genetically Engineered Crops!

***Call For Solidarity from GE FREE VERMONT CAMPAIGN!***  More >

 Expanding World View!!7 comments
19 Dec 2002 @ 18:56
As members of NCN, we have decided to post this news log in celebration of our love.  More >