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 The Causes of the British Nanny State under New Labour 1997-20101 comment
category picture18 Mar 2011 @ 22:20

I have written extensively on the situation in the UK sometimes referring to Political Correctness, Proliferating Bureaucracies and the mania for taking all risks out of life as in Health and Safety rules and regulations.

I believe this all happened because the increased power of the British State, particularly in computing and surveillance, was accompanied by a diminution in the geographical area directly controlled by that power.

For example, Scotland, Ireland and Wales all have their own parliaments ( or assemblies). The power of the civil and military authorities are now probably greater than at the height of the British Empire.

Unlimited immigration (particularly from the old empire territories) seems to be part of the equation in a way that is not entirely clear. Certainly MultiCulturalism was a policy of New Labour that has recently fallen on hard times like the rest of their legacy.

Nannies look after children and that is how the people of this country have been treated for the past 15 years or more. People care about children but do not always consult them or treat them with respect. The British people have not been treated with the respect due to adults. Of course when you treat people like children, they often start acting like children, and the biggest problem in our society at the moment , and it seems to me the whole Western World, Is Narcissism. This affects celebrities, Footballers, Stars, cricketers, children and creates a Peter Pan world where youth is worshipped and the wisdom of Age hardly bothered with.

Im not sure what the solutions to these problems entail, but reducing the power of the State is the first obvious Option. As the old saying has it: Strong State, Weak People---Strong People, Weak State.  More >

 Progressive English Nationalism2 comments
category picture9 Mar 2011 @ 22:18

Why is English nationalism a suspect entity associated in peoples minds with right-wingers, fascists and unsavoury people. I believe the most progressive party in Europe is The SNP, the Scottish Nationalist Party. If they can combine progressive politics like getting rid of prescription charges,car-clamping and parking fees for hospital car-parks, then why can't we. There is nothing inherently right-wing about nationalism. A good friend of mine, A jewish man, fervently supports the Labour Party, and also Jewish nationalism, his wife, who is Welsh fervently supports Plaid Cymru, the Welsh Nationalist party. They are both extremely tolerant and civilised people.

I believe English nationalism is on the march and we're going to hear a lot more about it in the next ten years, as we will hear about Irish, Scottish and Welsh nationalisms, and also more regional ones like Cornish nationalism.

I don't apologise for being English or British and no-one should have to feel bad about supporting America or France or Italy.  More >

 Conjectures regarding the interval between the squares of prime numbers2 comments
category picture3 Mar 2011 @ 14:36

I've put forward the conjecture that between every consecutive prime number squared, there is in the interval always at least two sets of twin primes.

Reading recently Wells book on Prime numbers I've come across other assertions and conjectures regarding primes which lie between squares of consecutive prime numbers.

Google the following for more information but I will be documenting this artcle further at a later point:

Grieve's Twin Prime Conjecture , Brocard's Conjecture, Schinzel's Conjecture , Opperman's Conjecture and Bunyakowsy's Conjecture.

These other conjectures seem to be unaware of the fact that the primes referred to are mostly twin primes.  More >

 Union of Mysticism and Mathematics (science)3 comments
category picture14 Jan 2011 @ 00:51
The Contradictions of the the Imaginary Plane, and the Real as a Solution to the outstanding Problems of Chaos Theory  More >

 Gudjieff cont3 comments
category picture7 Jan 2011 @ 05:25

His assertions, whether true in his narrative account or not, are easy to test, childishly easy in fact, unlike most scientific or paranormal hypotheses.

THese alleged devil-worshippers, must have been a well-known ethnic minority around his local area in Southern Russia between Persia and the Southern tips of the Tsarist Empire. I am not overly familiar with the geography of that region but he was an Armenian who grew up in a town. whose name has probably since changed, called Alexandropol.

He himsef witnessed these events and his credibilty on a large number of similar points is at stake, which are not at all so easy to verify.

If any person is aware of such an ethnic group, still existing or which history mentions, which are rendered completely immobilised by such a trivial thing as putting a circle round them, then this remarkable and almost incredible event is rendered a scientific fact.

The practical consequences of such a verification are alarming. These people, if it is confined, remarkably to them, or other ethnic groups, if they share such a strange weakness, could be enslaved in economic, psychological,social or sexual terms. The" human zoo" might take on a more literal connotation, and it would be remarkable if all this were known generations ago that none of these direful consequences had not already occurred years hence.

To Conclude, here we have a simple way of checking whether Gurdjieffs scientific background is believable and also whether such a people have ever existed  More >

 Gurdjieffs Astonishing Claim3 comments
category picture7 Jan 2011 @ 05:04

The famous Russian mystic Gurdjieff who stll has numerous adherents seemed to be pre-destined to witness extraordinary, even unbelievable events and phenomena, psychological, paranormal, scientific and sociological.

In his famous book, "Meetings with Remarkable Men" he recounts a long story of witnessing with his own eyes a very alarming incident which seemingly trivial in its immediate manifestation, raises very serious concerns about his own integrity and verisimilitude, and about the nature of free will, passivity , receptivity even Yin and Yang.

A youth of indeterminate sex, was surrounded by a gang of tormentors who by merely drawing a circle around her, incapacitated her freedom of movement and who, as if by a magnetic or psychic force, was prevented from leaving the "magic" Circle  More >

 Matrilineal Clans1 comment
category picture25 Dec 2010 @ 13:27

It is well known that in ancient times descent and property passed in the female line and was connected to matrilineal clans. At some point in the development of all so-called "civilised" races the this type of clan was replaced by the patriarchal patrilineal clan reckoning descent and passing name and property through the male line.

Paganism was connected to the hundreds of clans so constructed.

It is of more than idle historial interest that Jewish society believed in one God, and seems to be the only one to do so, and it appears that they had no equivalent clan structures except the twelve tribes of Israel, all patriarchal, which are household names.

In the Jewish Kabbalistic tradition there is reference to Lilith, a semitic goddess,and it seems that belief in goddesses predated this monotheism in the same way that the moon goddesses of Arabia predated the Arabs' belief in One God.

All over the world it appears that goddesses predate the equivalent male gods who incidentally are represented by the father and troublesome sons while the goddesses are usually three sisters.

In the course of history these goddesses were suppressed and turned into hags, demons or monsters like Hecate, Medusa and her sisters.

There were many twists and turns in these coeval developments but the fact that paganism turned fron female to male and jewish society turned from paganism to monotheism suggest that monotheism is the "unacceptable face" of patriarchy, and paganism, as still practised in Hindu societies, is more acceptable.

to be continued  More >

 InterConnectedness is Non-linear1 comment
category picture22 Nov 2010 @ 12:08
Science has got to the stage of maturity where it is abandoning the study of things in isolation and beginning to see the interConnectedness of everything. This is the merging of Science and mysticism and is exemplified by Complexity Theory, Chaos Theory, Emergence, SyStems etc.

I would like to point out something connected to these developments.

Things taken in isolation and treated separately are likely to be seen as Linear. But Nature is interconnected and relies on things affecting and feeding back on each other. Nothing is really isolated. To take a classic example of the billiard balls on a table. If the Billiard Hall is near to an underground (Tube) Railway then when trains go by they may affect the perfect functioning of the Newtonian equations. Such things are useful abstractions but in the real world everything is affected by everything else. Sometimes this is significant and sometimes not. Hence the new disciplines mentioned above. To put it succintly: Things taken in isolation appear to be Linear, but this reductionism needs to be supplemented by the realisation that interConnected things are Non-Linear. Nature is essentially Non-Linear

"Experiments" , the core of the scientific method, are exercises in separation, abstraction and ultimately alienation. They derive from alienation and in turn produce it.  More >

 Twin Primes appear to be Primary1 comment
category picture13 Oct 2010 @ 08:13
Throughout the history of the theory of numbers, primes have been studied with an emphasis on the stand-alone prime numbers such as 23 and 37. That is, the individual isolated prime number, of which it is easy to prove that there are an infinite number. The other sort of prime number, twin primes such as 17,19 are similarly thought to be infinite but this is just a conjecture and has not been proven yet.

A few years ago I put forward a number of my own conjectures regarding the twin primes. I speculated about what I called "Points of Symmetry" whereby the twin primes were connected by a sort of symmetry [link]

It seems to me that instead of looking at all prime numbers as being chaotic, almost random and without much order, we should build on what is there. The fact that twin primes exist and there seem to be an infinite number of them suggests a high level of organization. I would like to point to four things specifically, even at the risk of repeating myself.

(1) The Goldbach Conjecture, if true,implies that every prime number is equidistant from two other prime numbers.

(2) I have conjectured on the basis of this fact, and some supporting evidence, that every pair of twin primes is equidistant from two other pairs of twin primes.

(3) I now add a further conjecture which seems to be supported by the facts: every stand-alone prime is equidistant from a twin-prime and another stand-alone prime.

(4)Finally, if you look at magic squares, particularly odd ones such a 3x3, 5x5, 7x7 etc. it is noticeable that there is often a striking symmetry in the lay-out of the twin primes.

In conclusion,I would say that in trying to understand prime numbers it may be time that we studied the obvious patterns that are there, particularly those presented by the twin primes and their points of symmetry.  More >

 Forms, Archetypes work by Association56 comments
category picture3 Jul 2010 @ 07:01
Association is a process and technique which recently i have suggested can be used for aiding searches and connected technology, and which can provide an alternative to the traditional logic and syllogism of Greek thought. It is manifested in such diverse systems of thought as Plato's Forms and Jung's Archetypes and in itself creates the possibility of psycho-spiritual technologies.

Psycho-spiritual Technologies

21 Feb 2010 @ 16:40, by John Grieve

Heart and Soul Technologies

Whereas any practical application of a scientific theory is termed a technology, it should be possible to establish what I term "psycho-spiritual technologies", if it is indeed possible to unite conventional quantitative science with qualitative mysticism.

Also, as many writers have pointed out, while the physical, material technologies which are extensions of the human body have proliferated and reached unthought of heights, the same is not true of the powers of the human mind/ soul/ spirit.

If humanity is to grow up and mature, as is obviously a critical need at the present moment, psycho-spiritual technologies must be acknowledged for what they are.

 More >

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