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 Towards Democracy1 comment
category picture6 May 2015 @ 13:28

UK Election

Towards Multi-prty Democracy

Towards Electoral Reform

Towards Progressive English Nationalism  More >

 The Two Faces of Mathematics3 comments
category picture25 Feb 2015 @ 13:15

Geometry and Algebra are like two sides of the same coin. They are complementary opposites.

Geometry is Yang, and is an expression of spatial relationships and is concrete.

Algebra is Yin and is a more abstract form of mathematics.

Geometry developed first and algebra grew out of it.  More >

  Failed states, Civilization and Transition2 comments
category picture11 Sep 2014 @ 14:27

The number of failing and failed states is increasing all the time. According to theorists the state is the central core of civilization. I believe that the failing of so many states in this present post-modernist era is a sign that traditional civilization is undergoing a transition.

Hopefully this transition will lead to super-civilization and universal enlightenment. There is a danger however that it will lead to a universal fascism and chaotic world. There are other signs not connected to failing states, which also indicate that a transition is under way, such as same-sex marriage and the development of soft power.  More >

 Dialectical analysis of Fermat's Last Theorem4 comments
category picture4 Sep 2014 @ 16:28

When two unite in order to become one, then the principle of complementarity is involved. Thus X + Y = Z. This can also be seen as one splitting into two, which is fission.

With X^2 + Y^2 = Z^2 the principle is still that of complementary parts, but the form is more complex, involving squares. It is well-known that the solution of this equation involves complementarity. This is present in the angles and sides in any right-angled triangle. This complementarity has not received the recognition it deserves as the key to this solution. Since it only occurs in this one example, it has been overlooked how crucial it is.

The right-angled triangle with its complementary angles is unique. The reason why there are no solutions to higher powers of the Fermat equation is, I believe, because there are no analogous complementary structures in any other area of mathematics. You can't divide a cube into two complementary cubes because there is no underpinning equivalent to the right-angled triangle. And so on with higher powers of the equation X^N + Y^N = Z^N  More >

 Dialectical analysis of the State2 comments
category picture21 Aug 2014 @ 17:47

The state achieves its purposes, whatever they may be, by making and applying rules. These rules are usually termed Laws. Constitutions vary around the world but most countries have a law-making body or legislature, and a government which administers these laws, rules and regulations.
Bureaucracies are as much part of the state as armies and police-forces. It is possible to analyze the typical state into its dialectical opposites ( Yin and Yang), which gives us a better understanding of its nature.

The Ruler makes rules. These are also known as laws and regulations. The Yin aspect is Law itself, while the Yang aspect is Bureaucracy, otherwise known as the Executive or Administration. The Yin aspect (Law) divides into the Judiciary (which is also Yin) and the Police, which is Yang. This Yang is further differentiated without splitting,into Prisons.
Going back to Bureaucracy, this divides into Civil (Yin) and Military (Yang). Both of these aspects sub-divide into Yin aspects Officials and Yang aspects, what I term "Hands On" or civil personnel and military personnel.

All this comprises the State, and involves millions of people.  More >

 Soft power and influence2 comments
category picture16 Aug 2014 @ 15:43

Influence and soft power generally are Yin, whereas Hard power and all coercive strategies are Yang and Over-Yang.

The movement from Yang to Yin, restoring the balance between them in the State, is an indication that civilization is in the process of transforming itself in to a higher level of society.  More >

 World Philosophy2 comments
category picture9 Jul 2014 @ 17:31

The next stage in the evolution of world history calls for the development of a world-philosophy.
My contribution to this is the fusion of three twin-philosophies: Taoism/Buddhism; Hegel/Marx; Edward Carpenter/Gandhi.
There remains more to be done and I welcome other contributions to this goal.  More >

 New World-view5 comments
category picture10 May 2014 @ 14:57

My world-view is the fusion of three twin-philosophies:



Edward Carpenter/Gandhi

It comprises dialectic,civilization and alienation, womens and gay rights, all human rights, universal enlightenment (cosmic consciousness).  More >

 History in a nutshell2 comments
category picture1 May 2014 @ 18:02

History,since the beginning of civilization,has seen humanity slowly working through the alienations produced by civilization.
These alienations are related to exploitation,sexism, homophobia, racism, estrangement from nature,and God, as well as other things.
As people, societies, nations and civilizations tackle these problems in a sort of personal and social therapy, we are all progressing towards a universal elightenment. Reaching this is by no means a foregone conclusion, however, as there are powerful forces, which can only be described as fascistic, opposing us.
There are indications, such as climate change and geopolitical events, which suggest that these matters are coming to a head.
It is up to each one of us to play our part.  More >

 Alternative Newham conclusion2 comments
category picture21 Aug 2013 @ 13:04

Brenda and I went to live in Thamesmead in South East London in March 1982 and our involvement in the alternative world began to decline.I also had a demanding job which took up a lot of my time.

The alternative movement about the same time passed its peak. Margaret Thatcher was in power and one of the destructive things she did was to abolish the GLC (Greater London Council) which lead to alternative organisations like The Whole Thing losing funding. It closed in 1986. Newham Community Housing was also in decline although it survived until 2000.

Incidents from The Whole Thing
1)A community newspaper was produced at The Whole Thing in its Hey Day called the "Gnat".Learning the necessary skills was both exciting and challenging.
2)One day I was in the cafe and saw a woman there called Caroline who I knew from my student days. I hadn't seen her for seven years since we graduated and she was now working for the Social Services Dept of Newham Council.I learnt that she was married to a prominent Trades Unionist. I ran into her from time to time over the next few years.
3)I was reading the Guardian newspaper in the cafe one day and came across an advert for the first micro-computer priced less than a hundred pounds, produced by Sinclair. My brother and I got one and soon developed a great interest in technology and programming.
4) Andrew Martin, the International Chess Master, worked at the same firm in Stratford as me, and he gave a simultaneous display in the Whole Thing which was very popular and got a mention and photo in the Newham Recorder.
5)Entertainment evenings took place at The Whole Thing and it was there that I first saw Benjamin Zephaniah, the Rap Poet,perform. He was in Derek Smith's writing group and went on to become known nationally. Others who also appeared there were John Hegley and Patrik Fitzgerald, the Punk musician,both of whom had worked in Soapbox Theatre.  More >

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