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26 Feb 2017 @ 20:56, by John Grieve

What appears to be just another power struggle between powerful individuals and powerful groups is in fact far more profound.

I believe that the media represent a spiritual force in the world, despite at times appearances to the contrary. Their activities are ushering in a new era, what I call SuperCivilization, and will lead to momentous events such as Cosmic Consciousness and other things foretold by prophets and seers.

President Trump seems to be very good at splitting things down the middle. He did this in the US at the recent election and now he's doing it globally. Really the polarisation he's causing is between those who want to go forward to the New Consciousness, and those who want to go backwards to "old certainties". These people seem to advocate Fascist ways of dealing with problems. Since the split between the two groups is about 50/50 (as it was in the election) it's going to be a close run thing.

The struggle at the moment is between Trump and the Media.No other person could stand alone against the Media, they have become so powerful, but we'll have to see what comes of the following weeks and months.

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2 Mar 2017 @ 22:26 by celestial : Yes, You Are Correct.

We are witnessing the "final" struggle between Truth and lies. As I recently told The Guardian, there's just too many cameras and recorders running loose in the world for lies to overcome (trump...Hmmmmm) the truth!

The media is indeed a spiritual force for the Truth; absolutely no person or government can operate without the Truth. "Old certainties" prefer their comfort zone in the status quo AND will do whatever necessary to maintain it. Unfortunately for them, they are not only in the minority, but a vast, younger majority DEMANDS Truth and excellence in their leaders.

"...Two great powers are on our side: the power of Love and the power of Arithmetic (Truth). These two are stronger than anything else in the world." --E. Nesbit, The Island of the Twelve Whirlpools.

THEREFORE, "The only way to speak the Truth is to speak lovingly." --Thoreau


5 Mar 2017 @ 16:50 by johnjoseph : Thanks for the recognition.
Thanks Celestial, I really appreciate the recognition you're giving me by saying that my ideas are correct. I've been writing about civilization and associated topics for many years, but haven't really received much recognition until now.
I think because it is the "End Times" that recognition of such ideas is beginning to happen.
I think Trump will end up being impeached, don't you. Certainly he's got himself in a real mess over his contacts with the Russians. What do you think  

5 Mar 2017 @ 21:03 by celestial : Yes Indeed,

Mr. Trump certainly bit off more than he can chew! ('s PUTIN me in fits)
I remember seeing a picture of his face when he first learned that he won the election;
The expression was priceless..."OH, SH*T, I WON! NOW WHAT DO I DO?
He should count his blessings if he is impeached.

I've casually asked about Mr. Trump to some of the public, which I encounter in daily life.
Most have said, "I voted for him but now I'm not sure anymore."

It's like I've been saying all along, especially during the campaign; If Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton are elected, America will suffer catastrophic consequences. Now, the people are going to get what they voted into office!

6 Mar 2017 @ 21:58 by johnjoseph : Trump probably won't stay the course
Thanks for your shrewd comments, I agree entirely.  

6 Mar 2017 @ 23:19 by celestial : Trump

I figure he might hang in there for as much as a year.
Starting in May, things are going to go south for America and the ride will be rocky to say the least.
This will be the toughest, roughest year America has ever had in its history!

8 Mar 2017 @ 20:03 by johnjoseph : Why May ?
I'm intrigued that something big is going to start in May. Can you tell me more about that, Celestial. Thanks  

9 Mar 2017 @ 01:07 by celestial : Here is my "Proof"

After I did a spreadsheet including all fifty one (51) super bowl games, I noticed several things that were just too coincidental for my logic.

What first caught my eye was super bowl games #42 in 2008 AND #46 in 2012; both were election years and Obama won both years.
The same identical teams played these two (2) years and The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots both times (even though the winning scores were different in both games).

Super bowl #35 in 2001, the Ravens beat the New York giants. The New York Giants represent two (2), or more "GIANT buildings" (World Trade Towers). The Ravens represented darkness and/or terror. Then came September 11 (911) the same year.

Super bowl #47 in 2013, the Ravens beat the 49ers. The Boston marathon bombers struck the same year.

Super bowl #50 in 2016 (last year), the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers. The "bronco" was Donald Trump; the Panthers also represent the "cougar" (A.K.A. an older female on the prowl) Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

Super bowl #51 in 2017 (this year), the New England Patriots played against the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots represent "patriot missiles" and The Falcons represent the national bird of the United Arab Emirates (the falcon).
This game ended in a tie forcing (for the very first time in super bowl history) a "sudden death" overtime!
Play by play, neither team scored in the first quarter (the lull before the storm).
In the second quarter, the Falcons slaughtered the Patriots 21-3 (but the Patriots did start fighting back; America begins to unite in earnest).
The beginning of the second quarter corresponds to May of this year. Islam will reek its worst vengeance upon Christianity (America) during this period (May, June, and July).
The "sudden death" overtime overlaps super bowl #52 in 2018. The six (6) point winning score to end the game represents six "pence" (V.P. Pence may become president).

There you have it; these are the highlights of my research and my honest opinion based on my flimsy "Lunatic Fringe" logic.

My observation about religious wars are they are similar to marriages. The best portions of each partner becomes the ideology of the marriage. So I expect a lot of changes to take place in American culture this year.

11 Mar 2017 @ 17:42 by johnjoseph : Omens
Interesting analysis of omens, Celestial. You might be right, we'll have to wait and see what happens in May.  

11 Mar 2017 @ 18:33 by celestial : Yes, They're Omens to Me

Most of those games don't show a time line except for #50 for election day.
However, the last one with the "sudden death" overtime
indicated to me that there was a time-line based on the quarterly plays.
So, I figure sometime in May, things are going to become very, very rough this year.

So, we'll have to wait and see what happens in May.

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