John Grieve: Women's Marches the beginning of the Fightback    
 Women's Marches the beginning of the Fightback18 comments
26 Jan 2017 @ 18:53, by John Grieve

Those global marches led by women demonstrate an important point. In the beginning of civilization, the First Axial Age, the big losers all over the ancient world were women, who more or less were enslaved.

Now the Coming of the 2cnd Axial Age (leading to what I call SuperCivilization) presents the opportunity for women to finally liberate themselves. The people who I call "the not-so enlightened despots" like President Trump are desperate to stop women liberating themselves.

As I have claimed before, you can't understand what's going on in the world now unless you study the dynamics of Civilization.

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27 Jan 2017 @ 23:44 by celestial : Bee Colonies
In bee colonies, as well some as other similar socialized insects, the Queen bears all the young. The worker bees are female and serve as her midwives taking care of the young. This is the blueprint for future human civilization.

In other words, the future looks pretty BLEAK for all of us men!
For the record, It's much better to make love, not war!


6. "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:"
7. "Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler,"
8. "Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest."  

28 Jan 2017 @ 14:04 by celestial : A Few Terse Words
For the Rude, Crude, Dude in the White House;
I'm unsure what species of Riff-Raff you are,
Perhaps you're a bug of sorts, maybe called a louse?
Can't rightly call you "Poor White Trash"
Since your folding wallet has mucho Green-Backs
But it can't accommodate highly coveted Wet-Backs!
Tsk, Tsk, I suppose I'll just call you "Brash White Trash."  

5 Feb 2017 @ 21:40 by celestial : Recent National Prayer Breakfast
Just read the transcript of the president's speech delivered there.

A person in his position should be asking for wisdom from above.

How thoughtful to request prayers for the strong man's TV ratings.
Now that everyone is praying for him,
Who is praying for you?

Guess that duty now falls to me!

Oh L.O.R.D., This I pray and this I plead,
Our man in the White House just won't heed,
Wielding a reckless pen, taking a terrible lead,
PREY on HIS CONSTITUTION, cause his marrow to bleed,
And show him one thing to NOT covet is commonly called greed.
His kind, when in power, is not what we need.
A-men & A-women.  

6 Feb 2017 @ 16:47 by johnjoseph : Poetic Contributions Welcome
Thanks Celestial for your poetic contributions, they are apt, witty and original  

15 Feb 2017 @ 07:32 by celestial : You're Welcome JohnJoseph,

I accidently discovered in the past that a rhyming prayer/mantra seems to be better received
and it's much more acceptable in the higher realms.

19 Feb 2017 @ 20:46 by johnjoseph : Trumpet Solo
Thanks Celestial, could you compose me a witty poem on the subject of Trump's relationship with the Media ?  

22 Feb 2017 @ 03:39 by celestial : OKAY, A Trumpet Solo?

I'll try and also give it my best shot but it will probably take a few days.  

22 Feb 2017 @ 06:11 by celestial : A TRUMPet Solo:


You all been watching too much TV, it's a sheer media blitz.
With shows like The Apprentice which flashed my glitz
It proved "I'm Not a Crook" but pure True Grits.
Their news is so false, it's PUTIN me in fits
To show how they're feeble hypocrites.
I've shattered their lies, my truth comes in bits;
My office is transparent, full of twitters and twits
To cure America from doing the splits.
Single handedly, I'm outdoing all of their wits
So America will be great, like living the Ritz.

23 Feb 2017 @ 19:36 by johnjoseph : Are Trumps Aces, Hearts Clubs or Spades
Very well crafted,punchy and witty, well done Celestial.  

24 Feb 2017 @ 01:59 by celestial : Thanks for That Compliment!

That is the best compliment I have ever received about my writing. Thank you so much!

Once I began working on it, I was worried that two (2) days wasn't going to be enough. Then I said to myself, "This is really high priority and needs to be completed ASAP." With total focus, it only took about two and a half hours.

Trump cards? Not being very familiar with card games due to the way I was raised, I tend to think trump cards could be in any suit; that would probably depend upon the game and the agreed upon rules.

I notice that you didn't mention diamonds; just as well, because that could represent dollars (which are nearly worthless). In the case of the "subject" at hand, I think he would be a CLUB! That could be of the clique or hand-held weapon variety....or both! It appears to me it is both. Since he appears to be digging his own grave, it could also be SPADES.

24 Feb 2017 @ 21:02 by johnjoseph : Music, Cards and Culture
When I was younger I used to play Bridge, but really the above comment was a bit of whimsy, not to be taken too seriously.That is the stuff about cards, the rest is very sincere. From what you said it sounds like you had a very strict upbringing. You certainly know the Bible very well.
Could you compose another poem for me, this time about Civilization. I would be very obliged.  

25 Feb 2017 @ 05:25 by celestial : Of Music, Cards, and Culture

I tried learning Bridge about a year ago. I lost interest when I was called a "dummy." Yes, I did have an extremely strict upbringing; raised without a T.V., no dancing, no cards, no dice, no birthday parties, no rock & roll - only Christian music, no holidays (including Christmas) and my father was an ordained minister. My siblings and I were kept isolated from society except for school, and no friends. I was a bed-wetter until age fifteen (15). I'm a loner but I'm not anti-social. I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining about my parents; they did the best they could with the information they had. (Sorry to unload all that on you.) To this day, I don't care to watch T.V. It's just a bunch of vain people leading other vain people around.

I've referred to the current president as a Trump card (in the suit of clubs) during the campaign last year. I understand it being a bit of whimsy and not to be taken too seriously, but I'm always looking for subtle omens which may predict our future.

Although it's not written in poetic form, my first posting here, "VISION of the Day," pretty much shows how people will be toward the decline of our species. I figure it would take more time than I have left to compose a poem about Civilization; at minimum, it will take several months...but I'll see what I can do.

26 Feb 2017 @ 20:34 by johnjoseph : Thanks for Sharing

Thank you ,Celestial for sharing your story with me. I think you are very wise for not blaming your parents for what happened. Thanks also for saying you'll see what you can do about the civilization poem. As you have probably noticed civilization (and alienation) are big ideas with me. I tried a little while ago to put something about them into poetry, but I think without much success.
Trump is at it again with the media. As I write there are two big stories about him snubbing the correspondents, and in a few hours time the Oscars ceremony will probably contain more criticism of him. I wonder where it's all going to end up !  

3 Mar 2017 @ 08:12 by celestial : Route 66

It seems as though everyday with Mr. Trump is like driving down the highway; scenery is constantly changing by the hour....and sometimes by the minute, depending on his rate of speed!

Still working on the poem about Civilization and gathering topics to cover. The opening line seems to be the most difficult. Once that gels, a bit of fever pitch energy and tight focus should produce some "delectable fruit."

That is the sixty four thousand dollar ($64,000) question: Where is it all going to end up?

5 Mar 2017 @ 16:58 by johnjoseph : Is Trump driving a Tr(i)ump(h) Car

Certainly, with Trump in the driving seat, it feels like the journey is really speeding up and getting erratic. Thanks for continuing with the Civilization poem. I hope you are inspired.  

5 Mar 2017 @ 20:29 by celestial : Civilization
May be continued as inspired....

Abel was able. Cain was not;
His violence led him to naught.
Abel's flock watched it all, in great distraught;
Our future THEY then planned, with much forethought.
The arrogant, violent, and greedy ones, to be lured and caught;
The harshest class of History 101-666 they have bought
And by remote control, humanity will be taught,
Then fought by aeronaut Dreadnought, a juggernaut
With consequences disastrous, a taut onslaught
With worry, pain, and misery fully fraught
All because one brother, against another, fought!

6 Mar 2017 @ 21:51 by johnjoseph : Congratulations Celestial
A very fine effort,portraying the archetypal story of the two brothers. You manage to rhyme every line. Well done. Civilization comes directly from what happened then.  

6 Mar 2017 @ 23:10 by celestial : Thank you.

I don't usually try to rhyme every line. Each poem I write is different.
The Rhyming Dictionary is a good investment for poets.

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