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 Poem to Connection2 comments
30 Oct 2016 @ 01:33, by John Grieve

1)Everything is connected to the Source. This is the natural order of things. When connection is broken, bad things begin to happen. This is called alienation and disconnection.

2)The disconnection is made by human beings. As part of our lives, we need to learn to be independent and have initiative, in order to grow. But some people take it too far. Wise people have found ways to remain connected to the Source, while developing as individuals.They are called mystics.

3)Separation makes people selfish, greedy, small-minded, too-Yang and egoistic. These lead in their turn to many social evils known all over the world.

4)The female (Yin) principle is rejected and despised. Exploitation and abuse run riot everywhere. Society has attained what is called Civilization.

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