John Grieve: SuperCivilization, The Second Axial Age and not-so-enlightened Despots    
 SuperCivilization, The Second Axial Age and not-so-enlightened Despots1 comment
12 May 2016 @ 21:20, by John Grieve

SuperCivilization is the term I use to describe the world that is developing out of the contemporary chaos of post-modernist society. We are witnessing the birth pangs of a new civilization.

Present day spiritual commentators are calling this time the Second Axial Age. This refers back to the Axial Age, which was the term Karl Jaspers (1949) used to describe the era that produced the great ancient religions, philosophies and codes of law in the middle of the first millennium BCE.

Those great developments were connected with the passing of tribal societies into civilized states, and the emerging problems of communication, individualism and legal structures.

I interpret current events in a reverse way;not as tribal societies passing into civilization, but rather as civilized societies passing into a higher form.

This will lead, I believe, to what Christians call the "Kingdom of Heaven", Marxists call Communism and I call SuperCivilization.

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