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21 Aug 2014 @ 17:47, by John Grieve

The state achieves its purposes, whatever they may be, by making and applying rules. These rules are usually termed Laws. Constitutions vary around the world but most countries have a law-making body or legislature, and a government which administers these laws, rules and regulations.
Bureaucracies are as much part of the state as armies and police-forces. It is possible to analyze the typical state into its dialectical opposites ( Yin and Yang), which gives us a better understanding of its nature.

The Ruler makes rules. These are also known as laws and regulations. The Yin aspect is Law itself, while the Yang aspect is Bureaucracy, otherwise known as the Executive or Administration. The Yin aspect (Law) divides into the Judiciary (which is also Yin) and the Police, which is Yang. This Yang is further differentiated without splitting,into Prisons.
Going back to Bureaucracy, this divides into Civil (Yin) and Military (Yang). Both of these aspects sub-divide into Yin aspects Officials and Yang aspects, what I term "Hands On" or civil personnel and military personnel.

All this comprises the State, and involves millions of people.

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