John Grieve: What is Economic Narcissism    
 What is Economic Narcissism3 comments
5 Oct 2011 @ 13:46, by John Grieve

I have referred in previous articles to something which characterises civilization and have termed it "original narcissism", instead of the more usual term "original Sin". In the myth of the Fall it is a form of overweening arrogance and selfishness that permits Adam and Eve to compare themselves to God, and strike out on their own into uncharted territory, and this comprises what the Taoists call "The Great Separation".

Greek civilization displayed in its citizens an individualism on a colossal scale and this individualism is often seen as a plus despite the crimes and excesses associated with it. I think that as we approach the end of the present phase of our global civilization this narcissism, which is still with us, is assuming grotesque proportions.

If you wonder what this Narcissistic culture is, just look around you at the way the world is now. Ordinary work is disdained, people are desperate to get rich quick,whole populations are living beyond their means. Everyone wants to be a "Somebody" and not a "Nobody".Casino capitalism instead of proper work and jobs. Lotteries abound,sports heroes and celebrities abound, tv talent shows abound.

The whole culture is escapist and suffused with an infantile avoidance of harsh reality.

Ancient Greece and Rome were based on slave economies. Now the narcissism of those days is at the heart of the way we work and do business. But it is unsustainable. You cannot go on living beyond your means indefinitely. The day of reckoning always comes.

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