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26 Sep 2011 @ 17:29, by John Grieve

Marx came on the scene half-way through the 3rd Act. History does not begin with capitalism. All the stages of pre-history,tribal and clan, then nation,empires etc. are part of the story. It is my contention that the whole of history is a unity and correlates with different phases of civilization. Things have accelerated remarkably in the past 250 years, since the advent of capitalism, but I think the emphasis of Marxism is wrong. They suggest that what came before capitalism is relatively unimportant.

Now we are in a phase of integration,the coming together of many different aspects of the world to make a global unity. To me it seems closer to the spirit of Hegel's thought, what is happening,than to Marx's. There seems to be an emerging spiritual element here that the Marxists would deny.

This turns Marx on his head, as he claimed to have done with Hegel. We should celebrate the spiritual element in history ( as in Hegel) and look on it as a unity which is proceeding to integration in the form of globalisation and things such as the Internet.

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