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25 Jul 2011 @ 09:54, by John Grieve

In the earliest times we were at one with Nature/God, ourselves and each other. Then what happened has been variously described as the Great Separation (by the Chinese Taoists), and "original Sin"/Fall of Man by the Judaeo/Christian tradition. Humanity decided to break with Nature/God and follow its own path towards greater knowledge. This is seen by some as a sin and I would term it "Original Narcissism".

Soon after the Great Separation came other separations,whereby man became alienated from woman and other men. This is separation at the level of gender/sex/and sexuality and such things are Nature within us and when we become separated from Nature/God it is inevitable that eventually sexual problems will ensue. This led in turn to enslavements and exploitation.

With slavery and exploitation, sexism, homophobia and racism the foundations of civilization were set. Of course, this was the beginning of slavery but also the beginning of the fight against slavery. The beginning of exploitation but also the fight against exploitation. So we see that the creation of such forms of injustice set in motion a counter=current in the opposite direction.

As Hegel said "History is the higher and higher evolution of the Idea of Freedom". This is the political content of civilization. The striving for greater freedom and we see it throughout the ages culminating in recent centuries and decades in wars and revolutions.

This period of striving against bondage is almost at an end and we are passing on to the final phase of civilization's career: globalization and integration and the rise of the internet.

As world society moves on it passes through the original layers in reverse order. Because of Freud and other teachers the layer of sex,gender and sexuality problems have been negotiated and are known to most people.

This leaves only the final knot to untie, the Original Narcissism referred to earlier.This will hopefully complete the business of the past five thousand years and humanity will pass through the Great Separation into a global unity with Nature/God.

This adds a new and striking element to history:globalization, which was not present at the time of the original "fall" of man. This also involves the use of a new tool of globalization- the internet.

What will happen soon is the continuing globalization and integration of the world which will eventually facilitate humanity arriving at Cosmic Consciousness, so admired and talked about by the Mystics.

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2 Dec 2011 @ 20:06 by fiskedavid : Separation
Yes one could say the first and the only sin is to see life as separate. From this split all the trouble came. One has to hazard a guess that the process was to make the whole somehow more glorious. I find in my meditations I come to that quiet uncluttered placed where the self goes, but when I stop it lies in wait for me!  

6 Jul 2016 @ 03:24 by king king @ : king  

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