John Grieve: The World Wide Web: Civilization's non-coercive Global State    
 The World Wide Web: Civilization's non-coercive Global State1 comment
13 Jul 2011 @ 10:37, by John Grieve

It's time we moved on from the old discussion of the contradictions and crisis of capitalism to an appreciation of the fact that we are in the critical phase of the unravelling of the crises of Civilization itself.

We are in uncharted waters as far as many of the aspects of modern living are concerned. For example, modern means of communication, the internet, laws of privacy, global economy and banking, and global weather patterns (climate change).

In fact a lot of the seemingly insoluble problems facing us today are global in nature and threaten our very way of life and world.One reason for this is because it is the first truly global civilization in the history of the world and its unravelling threatens to undermine and destroy many of the achievements of the past few hundred years.

I believe that it is this inability of the global community to control vital areas of common concern which is the cause of us all being in these uncharted waters. Some sort of control, not necessarily world government,seems to be called for.

All the areas where the individual nation state cannot act effectively, because alone, are connected with the globalization of these same areas.

We are at the stage of history where we must unite in a unique way, not by creating yet another coercive organization, but by using something that already exists, like the internet, in a new and liberating way.

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