John Grieve: The Causes of the British Nanny State under New Labour 1997-2010    
 The Causes of the British Nanny State under New Labour 1997-20101 comment
18 Mar 2011 @ 22:20, by John Grieve

I have written extensively on the situation in the UK sometimes referring to Political Correctness, Proliferating Bureaucracies and the mania for taking all risks out of life as in Health and Safety rules and regulations.

I believe this all happened because the increased power of the British State, particularly in computing and surveillance, was accompanied by a diminution in the geographical area directly controlled by that power.

For example, Scotland, Ireland and Wales all have their own parliaments ( or assemblies). The power of the civil and military authorities are now probably greater than at the height of the British Empire.

Unlimited immigration (particularly from the old empire territories) seems to be part of the equation in a way that is not entirely clear. Certainly MultiCulturalism was a policy of New Labour that has recently fallen on hard times like the rest of their legacy.

Nannies look after children and that is how the people of this country have been treated for the past 15 years or more. People care about children but do not always consult them or treat them with respect. The British people have not been treated with the respect due to adults. Of course when you treat people like children, they often start acting like children, and the biggest problem in our society at the moment , and it seems to me the whole Western World, Is Narcissism. This affects celebrities, Footballers, Stars, cricketers, children and creates a Peter Pan world where youth is worshipped and the wisdom of Age hardly bothered with.

Im not sure what the solutions to these problems entail, but reducing the power of the State is the first obvious Option. As the old saying has it: Strong State, Weak People---Strong People, Weak State.

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