John Grieve: Conjectures regarding the interval between the squares of prime numbers    
 Conjectures regarding the interval between the squares of prime numbers2 comments
3 Mar 2011 @ 14:36, by John Grieve

I've put forward the conjecture that between every consecutive prime number squared, there is in the interval always at least two sets of twin primes.

Reading recently Wells book on Prime numbers I've come across other assertions and conjectures regarding primes which lie between squares of consecutive prime numbers.

Google the following for more information but I will be documenting this artcle further at a later point:

Grieve's Twin Prime Conjecture , Brocard's Conjecture, Schinzel's Conjecture , Opperman's Conjecture and Bunyakowsy's Conjecture.

These other conjectures seem to be unaware of the fact that the primes referred to are mostly twin primes.

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