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7 Jan 2011 @ 05:25, by John Grieve

His assertions, whether true in his narrative account or not, are easy to test, childishly easy in fact, unlike most scientific or paranormal hypotheses.

THese alleged devil-worshippers, must have been a well-known ethnic minority around his local area in Southern Russia between Persia and the Southern tips of the Tsarist Empire. I am not overly familiar with the geography of that region but he was an Armenian who grew up in a town. whose name has probably since changed, called Alexandropol.

He himsef witnessed these events and his credibilty on a large number of similar points is at stake, which are not at all so easy to verify.

If any person is aware of such an ethnic group, still existing or which history mentions, which are rendered completely immobilised by such a trivial thing as putting a circle round them, then this remarkable and almost incredible event is rendered a scientific fact.

The practical consequences of such a verification are alarming. These people, if it is confined, remarkably to them, or other ethnic groups, if they share such a strange weakness, could be enslaved in economic, psychological,social or sexual terms. The" human zoo" might take on a more literal connotation, and it would be remarkable if all this were known generations ago that none of these direful consequences had not already occurred years hence.

To Conclude, here we have a simple way of checking whether Gurdjieffs scientific background is believable and also whether such a people have ever existed

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7 Jan 2011 @ 07:35 by johnjoseph : Yezidis
Yezidis Guess Who?  

7 Jan 2011 @ 17:58 by bushman : hmm
Loss of free will. I could see a dog thinking hes hidden behind a twig, waiting to pounce, believeing its prey cant see them, and the prey even though it can see the dog, still feels safe ignoring that its about to be food. Or that prison experiment where people had the free will, but would choose to play the role as a beaten prisoner. Reminds me of that southpark, where the bus crashes in the forest, and the driver tells the kids, "A big black scary monster will eat you if you get off the bus" and sure enough one kids tests it, and gets eatten, all it took was one to disapper weather by magic or just hiding behind a tree, all the rest that saw, will not follow. I just saying that many people find it easyer to play the role of being down troden rather than see the truth and point it out and fight. So I will say, people choose to allow magic to work on them. Could be some groups are more susseptable to hypnotizim.  

6 Jul 2016 @ 03:26 by king king @ : king  

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