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 Gurdjieffs Astonishing Claim3 comments
7 Jan 2011 @ 05:04, by John Grieve

The famous Russian mystic Gurdjieff who stll has numerous adherents seemed to be pre-destined to witness extraordinary, even unbelievable events and phenomena, psychological, paranormal, scientific and sociological.

In his famous book, "Meetings with Remarkable Men" he recounts a long story of witnessing with his own eyes a very alarming incident which seemingly trivial in its immediate manifestation, raises very serious concerns about his own integrity and verisimilitude, and about the nature of free will, passivity , receptivity even Yin and Yang.

A youth of indeterminate sex, was surrounded by a gang of tormentors who by merely drawing a circle around her, incapacitated her freedom of movement and who, as if by a magnetic or psychic force, was prevented from leaving the "magic" Circle

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