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25 Dec 2010 @ 13:27, by John Grieve

It is well known that in ancient times descent and property passed in the female line and was connected to matrilineal clans. At some point in the development of all so-called "civilised" races the this type of clan was replaced by the patriarchal patrilineal clan reckoning descent and passing name and property through the male line.

Paganism was connected to the hundreds of clans so constructed.

It is of more than idle historial interest that Jewish society believed in one God, and seems to be the only one to do so, and it appears that they had no equivalent clan structures except the twelve tribes of Israel, all patriarchal, which are household names.

In the Jewish Kabbalistic tradition there is reference to Lilith, a semitic goddess,and it seems that belief in goddesses predated this monotheism in the same way that the moon goddesses of Arabia predated the Arabs' belief in One God.

All over the world it appears that goddesses predate the equivalent male gods who incidentally are represented by the father and troublesome sons while the goddesses are usually three sisters.

In the course of history these goddesses were suppressed and turned into hags, demons or monsters like Hecate, Medusa and her sisters.

There were many twists and turns in these coeval developments but the fact that paganism turned fron female to male and jewish society turned from paganism to monotheism suggest that monotheism is the "unacceptable face" of patriarchy, and paganism, as still practised in Hindu societies, is more acceptable.

to be continued

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