John Grieve: InterConnectedness is Non-linear    
 InterConnectedness is Non-linear1 comment
22 Nov 2010 @ 12:08, by John Grieve

Science has got to the stage of maturity where it is abandoning the study of things in isolation and beginning to see the interConnectedness of everything. This is the merging of Science and mysticism and is exemplified by Complexity Theory, Chaos Theory, Emergence, SyStems etc.

I would like to point out something connected to these developments.

Things taken in isolation and treated separately are likely to be seen as Linear. But Nature is interconnected and relies on things affecting and feeding back on each other. Nothing is really isolated. To take a classic example of the billiard balls on a table. If the Billiard Hall is near to an underground (Tube) Railway then when trains go by they may affect the perfect functioning of the Newtonian equations. Such things are useful abstractions but in the real world everything is affected by everything else. Sometimes this is significant and sometimes not. Hence the new disciplines mentioned above. To put it succintly: Things taken in isolation appear to be Linear, but this reductionism needs to be supplemented by the realisation that interConnected things are Non-Linear. Nature is essentially Non-Linear

"Experiments" , the core of the scientific method, are exercises in separation, abstraction and ultimately alienation. They derive from alienation and in turn produce it.

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