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10 Jun 2010 @ 20:16, by John Grieve

Self-similarity produces another miracle

An octave is the basic interval in music and has been described as a "miracle" because each octave of any note is exactly twice the frequency of each previous one and half the frequency of each following one. This is remarkable and we take it for granted if we do not try to understand why. This fact implies that the corresponding wavelengths are also half and double of each other; that is related by the ratio 2:1

So it is customary to say that the note A, at 440 Hz is the same note as the higher 880 Hz (also called A). I will now suggest an explanation for this simple fact which has never been satisfactorily done before. I have suggested in previous articles that God, Light ( and now Sound) is a frequency and that it has the inherent power to split into two (2) at smaller and smaller scales and thus produce half frequencies and twice the wave-lengths.

Combining this with our knowledge of music we conclude that the waves of music are represented in two dimensions by sine waves and in three dimensions by spirals or helices. It is evident that they are all self-similar and separated by a period/interval of 2/ half. I have commented in previous articles that wherever we encounter self-similarity we find remarkable properties, even miracles. This seems to be the case with waves in the auditory range and suggests that God and the number 2 are intimately connected and that God is vibration that is capable of splitting in two as previously suggested.

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10 Jun 2010 @ 20:31 by swanny @ : Phi
This may be of interest to you John
phi link =

your welcome

ed jonas  

11 Jun 2010 @ 05:35 by johnjoseph : Phi and Self=similarity
It certainly is Ed, and confirms that the octave is connected with self-similarity  

6 Jul 2016 @ 03:28 by king king @ : king

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