John Grieve: Dialectical Analysis of Consciousness and Information -- Part ii    
 Dialectical Analysis of Consciousness and Information -- Part ii0 comments
26 Mar 2010 @ 15:08, by John Grieve

God is Light

Information is not material but as compared with mind it can be considered more Yang and less spiritual or Yin. Consciousness of any sort is presumably more Yin and of a higher frequency than Information.

Following the well-known formula E = Mc2 of Einstein I would like to suggest the dialectical relationship:

Co = In c2

(Consciousness = Information times Light squared)

As mentioned in previous articles on light and energy I consider Energy and Matter, Space and Time and now Consciousness and Information to be in an inverse dialectical relationship which can be represented thus:

Co = c (Consciousness equals Light)

1/In = c (Unity divided by Information equals Light ).

This is speculative and intuitive on my part but there is some evidence of such a relationship in the huge "explosion" of information in recent decades and the concomitant growth of a global consciousness, World Mind, and spirituality. God is Light.

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