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11 Mar 2010 @ 10:11, by John Grieve

God is Gay

We are made in the likeness of God/dess. All qualities emanate from the Source/Godhead in pairs (complementary opposites). God contains all opposites, that is his/her identity, made up of all characteristics and aspects. That is what an identity is; a collection of characteristics, aspects and archetypes.

We however, are unique individuals, made in the image of god/dess as many spiritual traditions testify. But whereas god/dess has all attributes, we ourselves have individual, separate identities which make us unique individuals. We each have a large, but limited, collection of characteristics which combine to make an identity.
What we do with our identity, our unique collection of characteristics, is up to us. We can develop and grow and enhance it and become more god-like, or we can negate and destroy and deny aspects of ourselves and degenerate into one-dimensional people and fascists.

An interesting corollary of this teaching is that since homosexuality/ being gay is a human attribute it must also be part of the divine nature. God/dess is Gay as well as Straight is an interesting observation for these times.

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11 Mar 2010 @ 10:27 by scotty : God is gay
since homosexuality/ being gay is a human attribute it must also be part of the divine nature.... yup sure is I agree
but so are all the other aspects of human nature !
That which is seen as good and bad are also parts of our divine nature .. in embracing all that god creates we embrace our wholeness .. being complete we can then choose the way that resonates within us ;-)  

13 Mar 2010 @ 19:29 by celestial : God is asexual.
Whatever G.O.D. imagines sHE (the "s" is silent) then has sex with herself/himself and produces whatever sHE imagined! Thus, so far, mankind is the tail-end of G.O.D.'s evolutionary thinking. Now there's a revolutionary thought to think upon.

scotty: When things were going good for people they thought of, and still think of, G.O.D. as good, but when sHE is, or was angry, "It must be the devil!" There is no devil; sHE was just an angry G.O.D.  

6 Apr 2010 @ 00:05 by jokejake15 : God is Gay
We can accept the concept/belief that God is gay when He didn't say that he is against effeminate. It is just we cannot choose which side we will stand.  

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