John Grieve: Psycho-spiritual Technologies -- Part iv    
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21 Feb 2010 @ 17:25, by John Grieve

Heart and Soul Technologies

But there is another mode of thought which is the opposite of Aristotle's reductionism. It is a process of enrichment and from all accounts derives from the indigenous clan societies which predate civilization and some say will survive it. My own version of this non-linear, non-abstract, non-conceptual system is as follows:

(1) Use the mind's powers to create images and make them as vivid as possible.

(2) Use the power of association to connect these images to one another. This is a process of enrichment by association.

(3) Connect the enriched images to the Archetypes of God ( what Plato called Forms and Jung called Archetypes) in a form of Symbolism.

(4) Use volition or Will to implement your aim, whether memory, personal growth, divination or magic(k).

It is my belief that it is only when we are using all of the mind's powers combined together, such as sensation, emotion, reason, intuition, concentration and Will that we achieve a unity that can effect our aims. God seems to like us and smile upon us when we are whole people and not just alienated fragments.

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