John Grieve: Psycho-spiritual Technologies --Part iii    
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21 Feb 2010 @ 17:05, by John Grieve

Heart and Soul Technologies

Western civilization is based on the abstract concept and the powers of syllogism and logic associated with it. Yet the "abstract concept" is a completely reductionist, "stripped down" version of reality. As perfected by Aristotle this system is the basic building block of our science and way of thinking. Yet creating abstract concepts from reality is a process of sensual impoverishment of thought and leaves us with skeletons, devoid of contradiction, of what is in truth a vastly rich and complex reality.

Some thinkers in the past( e.g. Marxists and Hegelians) have oddly enough asserted that "abstract concepts" are in fact richer in content than the original reality. To me this does not make sense. Abstraction is a form of reductionism and taking away (Abs-tract), a form of alienation which was a precursor of the even more reductionist and alienated "Cartesianism" and modern science.

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