John Grieve: Dialectical analysis of the Post-modern Epoch -- Part iii    
 Dialectical analysis of the Post-modern Epoch -- Part iii0 comments
18 Feb 2010 @ 07:18, by John Grieve

Civilization and Post-modernism

Identity is again a major issue as also is Individuality. But throughout the civilization period, individuality has been, according to the view I put forward in that previous essay, a debased form which we know as narcissism, completely over-Yang: a morbid, pathological version of individuality which is ultimately destructive.

In that previous article I spoke of the coming of a "reformed individuality, shorn of its narcissism " which would replace the toxic form. It would be a Yin expression.

This, I believe is where the Information Age aspect of post-modernism comes in. In some way that is not immediately clear or obvious, the blogosphere, noosphere, psychosphere, Akashic Field (or whatever) represent the reformed individuality just referred to. I would like to call it "Integrated Individuality" and to suggest that as we contribute to our blogs and newslogs and e-books etc. we are developing our individuality away from the old toxic form into a more positive direction, overcoming our narcissism, and creating the Mind of God.

Post-modernism is also the "Post-Civilization Epoch".

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