John Grieve: Dialectical Analysis of Civilization---Part iii    
 Dialectical Analysis of Civilization---Part iii0 comments
7 Feb 2010 @ 19:29, by John Grieve

"Civilization is the almost complete repression of the Yin"

I will conclude by saying that we are on a return journey to the Source, to the Godhead. On this journey from alienation and separation these repressed yin aspects need to be re-claimed and re-integrated with their yang counterparts. The present turbulence in global religions and polities over the role of women and gays represents severe symptoms of this process.

Accepting and tolerating differences of gender and sexuality are vital to the salvation of the world.

Beyond this personal level of identity lies the mystical territory of re-union with Nature and Godhead, which I fervently hope will be achieved. Our alienation from nature is potentially more lethal than our alienation from each other. We are all avatars.

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