John Grieve: Dialectical Analysis of Civilization---Part ii    
 Dialectical Analysis of Civilization---Part ii0 comments
7 Feb 2010 @ 18:42, by John Grieve

"Civilization is the almost complete repression of the Yin"

Now I believe that another example of this is Nature (Yin) and Society ( Yang). Yet human society was originally part of nature and only gradually separated out from it into increasingly Yang forms. I will assert and seek to demonstrate that society becomes civilization through increasing and almost complete repression of the Yin.

An example may clarify this. In one of my articles I put forward the idea that a fundamental split in tribal/clan society is that between Identity ( Yin) and Individuality (YanG). As tribal society develops the Yin is increasingly repressed so that identity is weakened and the Yang, represented by greater and greater individuality, becomes the norm. This happens at many levels; consciousness, ideologies and material things like production and inventions.

Now something even more dramatic happens, which I believe is fundamental to civilization. The weaker Yin aspect, Identity, itself splits into two complementary opposites which are sexuality (Yin) and Gender (Yang). As we know the Yin gender (female) is repressed while the yang gender (male) is dominant. Likewise, the Yin sexuality (homosexuality) has always been repressed and even outlawed, while the Yang sexuality( heterosexuality) is dominant, but barely tolerated by some organisations

to be continued.

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