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7 Feb 2010 @ 17:49, by John Grieve

"Civilization is the almost complete repression of the Yin"

In previous work I have stated my belief that civilization is characterised by a vast over-Yangness which makes it unsustainable and eventually destroys it. I will now say something very similar but from the opposite standpoint, which has the added advantage of a more rigorous analysis into opposites or contradictions.

"Civilization is the almost complete Repression of the Yin"

First I will outline my dialectical approach. Taoism, and other versions of the perennial philosophy, asserts that God, the Source, is undifferentiated and the simplest differentiation possible is into two complementary opposites: Yin and Yang. Everything else and all concepts and archetypes emanate in the same way. This is the basic template for all understanding of existence. Thus for me "simple" means the same as the "essence" and consists of two complementary opposites which are examples of Yin and Yang and together unite to be Godhead/Source. Thus female (Yin) and male (Yang), left(Yin) and right (Yang).

(to be continued)

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