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4 Dec 2009 @ 15:00, by John Grieve

A New Group that functions as an Oracle

For twenty years I have practised the Taoist arts of Tai Chi and the I Ching. The latter is a system of divination which goes back thousands of years and it does work. As a result of these studies and also my interest in the philosophies of Jung and the classical Oracle of Delphi I have developed a group which functions as an oracle. This means that it can answer questions, solve problems and provide insights. In many ways a group is superior to a single individual in the same way that a jury is superior to a single magistrate.

I am in the process of implementing this concept. If you happen to live in Britain and particularly the London area I would like to hear from you,if you are interested in participating in this project. Alternatively for those in other countries I hope to establish an on-line version in due course.

Please contact by email

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