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 Goodbye "Homo Sapiens" , Hello "Mulieres Sapientes"3 comments
14 Nov 2009 @ 16:57, by John Grieve

Goodbye "Homo Sapiens" , Hello "Mulieres Sapientes"

It is certainly a misnomer to call the human species (in its civilized incarnation) "homo sapiens" or "wise man" and a kind of hubris that tempts fate. For it is becoming clear that civilized man is not wise but that the majority of men have a flaw in their psyche or consciousness which is imperilling the human race, other species and the planet.

It is time after 5000 years of human civilization to pass the baton of leadership to the "other half" whom I call "mulieres sapientes" or "wise women".

It is my belief that the collective wisdom of the female sex is what can lead us out of this present predicament. It would be perfectly just if the responsibility for this deliverance were to be shared equally between male and female but it is becoming obvious that the reluctance of power holders to give up or even share their power is as entrenched in gender politics and economics as it has always been in class and party areas.

The flaw in the male psyche and consciousness alluded to earlier is well known to commentators and starts at the beginning of civilization, from a denial of our own divinity,proceeds to a separation and split from Nature, then women and gays, then racism and similar areas.

In this respect I will bring in an observation and prophecy of that great British anarchist/socialist philosopher of Cosmic Consciousness, Edward Carpenter. He said a hundred years ago that gay people had a unique destiny in human history, when that orientation ceased to be despised and outlawed. This destiny consists in reconciling the split and separation between the extremes of men and women. In applying what he said to the present critical global situation I would judge that the baton of leadership should be passed to an alliance of women, gays, children, disabled people and anyone else who is marginalised and excluded and who does not share the fractured consciousness and psyche alluded to above.

Giving up power or even sharing it does not come easy to the world's rulers, but that is what the situation demands.

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15 Nov 2009 @ 04:06 by mortimer : Superior vs. Inferior
There are currently 500 federally recognized tribes in North America. At the time of Columbus arrival on Turtle Island with subsequent explorers at the end of 15 century beginning the 16 century there was approximately 50 million north American Indians (ref. R. Means) and 100 million south American Indians. Looking for gold Columbus landing first in the Caribbean islands wrote back to his patron king Ferdinand that he had found docile people who would make great servants. Queen Isabella wrote back that that was not acceptable. What began then was an attempt to bring the American Indian to Europe for slavery. Remember, at that time Spain and Portugal already had a successful slave trade in the works with Africa, hmm…if ever a slave trade could be successful. Grin & Puke! What happen was in the academies in Spain the arguments emerged about whether or not the African and the Indian had the qualities of full humanity (ref. See ~ “Lewis Hanke: Aristotle and the American Indian – a study in race prejudice in the modern world”). Bear with me, introspection on those arguments at that time offers insight to better understanding the conative bigotry and alienation we see manifesting today.

The 15th century Theologians sit and argue---people are born to be dominated. St. Augustine approved and sanctioned slavery. The argument was that Africans and Indians are less than human i.e. the use of Aristotelian argument to support the position that some are born superior to others therefore some are born to be dominated. This is the essential argument for inequality, Superior vs. Inferior.

Now let’s look at some policy that unfolded from this upside-down-thinking. It gets real messy when they start making laws, the inferior are afforded less liberty. The same argument was used to treat woman as inferior. And they had a problem, how to put the Inferior people on the books.

Superior ---|--- Inferior
Man -------|--- Woman
Adults -----| --- Children
Spaniards--|--- Indians & Africans
Freedom --|--- Slavery

In Aristotelian the only sex is male and the woman is inferior.
The woman had the same or less rights as children.
The American Indians and the Africans were classified as same or below women and children.  

15 Nov 2009 @ 05:50 by scotty : hmmmmm
My name is Chris
I'm a woman I'm a lesbien woman ... none of these 'labels' qualifies me for being a world leader ! LOL !

The truth of the matter is .... I'm not a name ! Not a gender ! Not a sexuality !
Non of these labels defines who I am !

It seems to me that too many people thrive on a sense of 'belonging to' - on categorizing everyone outside 'the club of the moment' as ignorant wrong or even downright evil!

Historically one of the biggest problems (and if you ask me one of the biggest crimes) against man/womankind were the restrictions placed on those who weren't seen to belong to the 'club' by those who did!
If we were to do the same thing today as far as the 'male power wielders' are concerned nothing would change .. it would still be a crime !

One thing I see that has to happen is that there can't be any more male or female bashing.
We need a shift in our way of thinking that will allow men and women to see each other as we really are - Man and Woman = two halves of 'One' equation !
Anything other than that and we are denying ourselves our full power.

Part of the problem is people have forgotten who they are - who they truly are !
In seeking 'power' they've given their power away !  

25 Nov 2009 @ 10:58 by mortimer : Matriarch
Many ancient indigenous communities were matriarchal. In ancient native american tradition there was elder women who guide groups of women. The women could choose a new chief if he was messing up. Today there are lakota people who are advocating and living these ancient life ways again, returning to a family structure called tiospaye.  

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