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30 Aug 2009 @ 10:00, by John Grieve

Universe of Light ---- Part II

Space = Time C Squared

About 100 years ago, when Einstein's theories first emerged, it was claimed that he had put philosophy back into science. But I think this did not go far enough. The creation of the joint concept of space-time was in some ways a step backwards. He dethroned the notion of time and relegated it to a secondary partner of space. In doing this he obscured the important dialectical relationship which exists between these two things.
In my dialectical view a similar relationship holds between Time and Space as does between the more familiar concepts of Energy and Matter. Again, I put forward the view that there is an inverse relationship here. As is well known, anything which approaches the speed of light in velocity, approaches infinitely small extension in space, while the time element increases (so that time slows down) accordingly.

This suggests to me an equation which is similar to the one which connects Energy and Matter.

S(pace) = T(ime) C2

(In words, Space equals Time multiplied by the speed of Light squared)

The inverse relationship would be represented by S(pace) = C and T(ime)= 1/C

This suggests the possibility that Time and Space can be transformed into one another. This also suggests that "empty" space is in fact the same as light and energy. Incidentally, the term c2T is one that crops up all the time in the mathematics of the theory of relativity.

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