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24 Jul 2009 @ 10:46, by John Grieve

David Bohm's work 'Wholeness and the Implicate Order' asserts and hints that there are very strange and remarkable properties to light. I am taking up his theme and attempting to simplify it, popularise it and put it in my own words.

According to Einstein's 'Theory of Relativity' the speed of light is a limit on the velocity which anything can attain. This in itself is a very remarkable fact, yet very few people have drawn out the implications of it.

I would like to put forward some ideas, which are by their nature speculative but which I believe are plausible and even likely. Firstly, I believe that light has a fractal quality. It seems to me reasonable since light can be used to create holograms, which are themselves fractal and self-similar, that light itself partakes of the same quality. I will investigate presently how this presents itself.

Next, if we look at Einstein's famous equation E = MC2 I see something different in it from the usual interpretation. I have never doubted that this equation is true, but rather I found that it obscured the correct dialectical relationship between Energy and Matter. If Energy and Matter are opposites, equal and complementary then I prefer the formulas:

E= C ; MC=1 ; 1/M =C ; M= 1/C

This gives us the same traditional formula except it highlights the fact that Energy and matter are in inverse relationship. Units have never really interested me very much and it would be interesting if someone could find a system of units which would make these simpler equations meaningful.However, from the dialectical point of view, the assertion that energy is light, and its inverse is matter, makes sense.

So what I am asserting is that all energy is in fact light or, more generally,electromagnetic waves. This is in fact another way of stating what is already known.

Matter, on this account, is the inverse of energy and is Unity divided by the speed of light.

To return to the beginning of this article; This is another way of saying that everything is light, and that all electromagnetic radiation is self-similar and different versions of the same thing. The wave-lengths and frequencies may vary but basically the're all the same thing.

Finally, I believe that light waves are like an attractor in that they have the fractal quality of being able to split in two at smaller and smaller scales. This reminds me that God is Love and God is Light and according to many traditions, including the Taoist and Gnostic, all reality emanates from the Godhead in the form of dualities splitting into complementary qualities at smaller and smaller scales consistent with the account given above of Light splitting in a fractal manner. God is Fractal. Everything is Light

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27 Jul 2009 @ 01:25 by athos : speed of lght

Taking the speed of light - since constant - as the unity of measurement, energy and matter are in an inverse relationship. It does make sense.
But what about those who say that they have been able to slow down the speed of a beam of light, or photons. Is the speed of light really a constant?  

27 Jul 2009 @ 08:18 by bushman : hmm
Well, my view is the speed of light is not constant, I say this because they used to say the expantion of the Universe was constant yet over the years they have found that the expantion of the Universe is accelerating, so I have to assume the light we see from very distant galalaxies, is not going the same speed as it was when it left that point of light. I think maybe Einstein, left out some info purposly, when it dawned on him just what he figured out about E=MC2. Same reason we dont have nuclear powered cars maybe.  

29 Jul 2009 @ 10:22 by johnjoseph : light
Light creates the fabric of the universe. It is not in a frame of reference, it is itself the frame of reference  

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