John Grieve: Financial Crisis, Other Crises and a Warning    
 Financial Crisis, Other Crises and a Warning0 comments
7 Mar 2009 @ 14:42, by John Grieve

Financial Crisis,Other Crises and a Warning

Civilization is a topic I have written a lot about over the last thirty years. It is now in the greatest danger it has ever faced. My analysis of civilization as a social form pinpoints as its basic feature an imbalance, a disharmony, a society out of kilter with nature and itself. To some people this is even its most appealing feature; they love the disparities of wealth and talents and individual destinies that it contains. To me, that is all well and good, except this disharmony is now proving lethal and threatening to destroy our society, civilization and humankind.
The exact disharmony which I believe is pivotal is the Yin/Yang balance, or rather imbalance. Western civilization particularly is oriented to a vast over-Yangness, a vast over-masculinity which is exemplified in aggression, wars and destruction and a myriad of lesser and similar evils. The recent financial crisis was partly caused by this very over-Yangness, manifested as a reckless, macho, casino-style way of doing business at every level.
There is something wrong with many of the men I know, whether in pubs,cafes or meeting in other social venues. Some of these people have considerable talents and social positions as well as intellects.I do not know any high-flying bankers but I daresay that they are similar, to judge from their recent behaviour. The problem I'm referring to is this: If you refer to sexuality in any way, particularly homosexuality or other diverse forms, the reaction from these men is to giggle like adolescents, show considerable embarassment, even become abusive or violent. I'm speaking of people I know and there's no way of ascertaining if this is universal. But I fear It is.
Now climate change, strange as it may appear, is connected with this sexual unease. As I pointed out in my article "Homophobia is destroying our Planet", our inner nature, or sexual identity, is a direct link to outer nature, the very planet we interact with on a daily basis. Our discomfort with various modes of sexuality ( also gender), is mirrored, I believe by all the disharmonies we have with Nature as exemplified by climate change, resource depletion, unsustainable economies and societies. Of course, the planet can look after herself. She has experienced far more serious upheavals in the past. It is our global society and civilization which is fragile and vulnerable.

And now the Warning. Others have been saying this for a long time, but now I feel it is my duty to repeat it. If mankind, and I use that word carefully,does not grow up and mature very quickly, there is very little hope for us to save ourselves. The Chaos we are experiencing in the world at the moment, following the excesses of extreme Yang in recent years, is equally extreme Yin or Feminine. As it seems to me, we cannot go on like this and we have to learn the lesson of integrating these opposites and creating harmony, positivity, maturity and wisdom. There is no alternative.

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