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16 Oct 2008 @ 08:40, by John Grieve

Some Thoughts on questions raised by Erwin Schrodinger and David Bohm

Erwin Schrodinger’s little book consisting of “What is Life”, “Mind and Matter” and “Biographical Sketches” is still cutting-edge today though written nearly half a century ago. I will mention one point he raises and I think it is central to further progress in science/physics. David Bohm’s work “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” more or less takes up Schrodinger’s challenge and though very much “work in progress” outlines an approach to these questions. Schrodinger says that science and particularly physics have reached an impasse and must re-assimilate consciousness into the equation, which was banished at the time of Descartes’dualism. He suggests this is done by adopting the Hindu “Law of Identity” which says that we all share in our consciousness , in the consciousness of the Godhead.
Bohm’s effort is vast and complex and deep and I will not try to give an account of it here. What I will do is put forward certain thoughts which reading these two books have prompted in me. Mainly, I would conclude that my interest in the importance of self-similarity, which I have referred to a number of times in previous mathematical articles, is a working out and development of points made by Bohm. Considering these points has led me to draw further conclusions, which you may find original and striking.
Bohm talks about holograms and the making of them with coherent laser light, which was relatively recent when he wrote his book in 1980. It seems to me that “coherence” is a key concept in all this and has some bearing on self-similarity in that when all the light is coherent rather than incoherent, there is some sort of self-similarity at work. In previous examples I have written about, I have spoken of self-similarity in right-angled triangles and pentagons and spirals, which are essentially geometrical. Also I dealt with self-similarity in the Fibonacci and other sequences, which is a numerical example. Coherent light is, I believe, an example of self-similarity on a completely different plane. In every case, self-similarity leads to remarkable, almost magical results. Pythagoras’ theorem is remarkable, as is the Fibonacci sequence and its properties. Who can doubt that holograms display remarkable properties also. For reasons that are not entirely clear, wherever we find self-similarity, on whatever plane, we find things of a truly remarkable nature. This immediately suggests to me two corollaries, which if true, are also remarkable.
Now the causes of magnetism are not really known. I am suggesting here that it is another example of self-similarity in the form of coherence. That is, the molecules in a magnetized piece of metal, such as iron, are coherent in a way that produces the remarkable property of attraction. It is known that there is a co-ordination between the molecules, an ordering which has this effect, but the concepts of self-similarity and coherence are new in this respect.
This also suggests to me the solution to another riddle: superconductivity. A similar explanation seems to be suggested by the known facts. In a superconductor the electrons move together in a co-ordinated way to produce the remarkable property of by-passing any resistance. On the analogy of the hologram and the magnet, we can put forward the hypothesis that when certain materials have all their electrons in the same state, presumably the same shell, and presumably the lowest level, the base level, then the remarkable property of superconductivity occurs. This is a form of self-similarity and coherence. This idea is supported by the known fact that all materials at Absolute Zero temperature have their electrons in the base state, and it is usually at a very low temperature, close to absolute zero, that superconductivity occurs. But this hypothesis does raise the possibility of achieving superconductivity at higher temperatures, even room temperature, if materials can be found that have the requisite properties mentioned above.
Going back to Schrodinger and the “Law of Identity”, a possible reason for all these remarkable properties which follow from self-similarity and coherence, is that when a part is similar in form to the greater whole, then it mirrors in some way the similarity of our consciousness with that of the Godhead.

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3 Nov 2008 @ 01:09 by eaglesoul : Yes, I agree
coherence ,mmm remarkable hypothesis,when a part is similar to the greater whole...uor consciousness a spark of the greater Mind, or in biblical terms , We are made as God image, isn`t that also what the Hindi say ?
it reminds me the fact that coherence in psycological lingo, is a powerful positive experience.  

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