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1 Oct 2008 @ 08:40, by John Grieve

Consciousness, Mind and Information

Mystics and indigenous cultures talk of a cosmic shift in consciousness occurring in the early part of the 21st century. The Mayan calendar even gives a date for this process late in the year 2012. It is appropriate then for me to consider the subject of consciousness and see if any light can be shed on it and these events.
As you may recall, Hegel spoke of the process whereby Spirit “alienates” itself into matter and then develops, through many forms, to return to itself in Mind. In an earlier article I proposed a “translation” of these terms into scientific ideas. Thus for Spirit we have Energy, and matter remains as matter, with the added idea that it is frozen or alienated energy or spirit. Also matter is discrete, individualised whereas Spirit is continuous and undifferentiated. So also we imagine is energy continuous and undifferentiated. Now when we arrive at the third term of Hegel’s triad, namely Mind, we reach the very thing we are concerned about today. For Mind, in an alternative formulation is the same as Consciousness. The consciousness of the godhead. In that essay “Mind Identity” I put forward the idea that Mind is translated by the scientific and journalistic term “Information”. Hence consciousness and information are related in some way. What I am suggesting is that just as matter is a discrete form of energy, both of which find their synthesis in “Mind” or consciousness, in the same way information is both individual, discrete bits of data/information, and also continuous like a field or wave. In other words information is the union of energy and matter in the same way as Consciousness/Mind is the union of Spirit and Matter.

Now there are many issues connected with these ideas. Indeed, everything I have written about, such as identity, and Schrodinger’s “Law of Identity”, alienation, archetypes and sub-personalities, are all connected in various ways with this.
Information is usually regarded in the context of computers and networks. And for many years there has been information science. But we don’t have to be specialists in this field to know that it is relevant to our present inquiries. Just looking at the events of the past few years is enough to confirm the belief that information is central to what’s happening and about to happen in the world. In this country (England) there have been numerous examples recently of lost or stolen information/data concerning thousands of people and their identities. This never used to be an issue but it is now. Also, it is said “information wants to be free” which puts it on a par with spirit which also tends to greater and greater freedom. Money is becoming less and less material and more and more digitalised and ethereal and spiritualised. Indeed it is becoming electronic information. Money has been proliferating for a long time at an uncontrollable rate and so has data/information. In the realm of culture the Matrix movies portrayed consciousness as pure information many times. All this, and the growing dominance of the information class, the media, suggests to me that information is the springboard by which we will all reach consciousness and identity with God.

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1 Oct 2008 @ 16:21 by therapist : Consciousness, Mind and Information
"...suggests to me that information is the springboard by which we will all reach consciousness and identity with God."

Information...words and concepts. Both of which are very limiting and subject to error. Dropping concepts allows conception of the non-conceptual. What is your "concept" of identity with God? Any concept is possibly less like (Him) than like (Him). Excellent thoughts in your article John.  

2 Oct 2008 @ 04:45 by erndor : Consciousness. Miind and information
Researchers in Consciousness have said "Consciousness is what God is."
Ergo, being "conscious", I AM God.  

4 Oct 2008 @ 02:59 by marerm9 : Consciousness, Mind and Information
god I am  

3 Nov 2008 @ 01:18 by eaglesoul : Consciousness. Miind and information
suggests to me that information is the springboard by which we will all reach consciousness and identity with God...
I agree ,
the thing is if we are all God, then we are responsible for what we have created,therefore...  

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