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 Trump versus the Media9 comments
category picture26 Feb 2017 @ 20:56

What appears to be just another power struggle between powerful individuals and powerful groups is in fact far more profound.

I believe that the media represent a spiritual force in the world, despite at times appearances to the contrary. Their activities are ushering in a new era, what I call SuperCivilization, and will lead to momentous events such as Cosmic Consciousness and other things foretold by prophets and seers.

President Trump seems to be very good at splitting things down the middle. He did this in the US at the recent election and now he's doing it globally. Really the polarisation he's causing is between those who want to go forward to the New Consciousness, and those who want to go backwards to "old certainties". These people seem to advocate Fascist ways of dealing with problems. Since the split between the two groups is about 50/50 (as it was in the election) it's going to be a close run thing.

The struggle at the moment is between Trump and the Media.No other person could stand alone against the Media, they have become so powerful, but we'll have to see what comes of the following weeks and months.  More >

 Women's Marches the beginning of the Fightback18 comments
category picture26 Jan 2017 @ 18:53

Those global marches led by women demonstrate an important point. In the beginning of civilization, the First Axial Age, the big losers all over the ancient world were women, who more or less were enslaved.

Now the Coming of the 2cnd Axial Age (leading to what I call SuperCivilization) presents the opportunity for women to finally liberate themselves. The people who I call "the not-so enlightened despots" like President Trump are desperate to stop women liberating themselves.

As I have claimed before, you can't understand what's going on in the world now unless you study the dynamics of Civilization.  More >

 Now's the End Times10 comments
category picture7 Jan 2017 @ 20:11

For me, the End Times began a few years ago with the result of the Scottish Referendum. Each election and vote since then has the hall marks of spiritual involvement. The Jehovah Witnesses go on a lot about the End Times but what I am saying is based on the traditions of many religions, not just Christianity.

The last year has been momentous and world rulers are now in place who look like the motley crew promised in the Apocalypse.

There is a definite feel to events of things speeding up, and also spiralling inwards towards chaos.

All the secular theories, like Marxism, will be left behind in the approaching unfolding of events.

Please leave your comments if you're of a similar opinion.  More >

 Theory of Civilization-- Part 37 comments
category picture15 Nov 2016 @ 22:48

I believe that if all goes well, people all around the world will attain to the level of Cosmic Consciousness, which is a form of enlightenment.

This Universal enlightenment has been predicted by mystics for many years and centuries.

This Cosmic Consciousness might also be accompanied by other momentous events like the Second Coming or End Times.

The Time is NOW  More >

 Theory of Civilization-- Part 24 comments
category picture15 Nov 2016 @ 22:20

Over the past 3000 years there have been many changes, gradual and also sudden, within the fabric of civilization. But what is happening right now is quite unprecedented. Civilization, at the risk of going back to the dark ages, is changing form, and is evolving into what I call Supercivilization. Some historians and theologians recognizing the importance of these changes, are referring to this as the Second Axial Age.

This is such a momentous development that I believe you would be justified in calling it The Second Coming (or End Times) of the Abrahamic religions, and the state of communism as predicted by the Marxists.
I call it Supercivilization because I believe it will keep all the good things of civilization whilst eliminating the negative.
I stated above that we are risking a return to the dark ages(or Fascism) in facing the challenges that lie ahead of us. Already there is plenty of evidence that the far-right are on the march and the time of not-so-enlightened despots is a distinct possibility.  More >

 Theory of Civilization-- Part 15 comments
category picture15 Nov 2016 @ 21:52

It is necessary to have a theory of civilization, in order to understand what is taking place all over the world right now.
Theories of civilization aren't very popular with the general public. I would go as far as to say that there is a blind-spot in the consciousness of most people, to do with this subject. This may be because most, but not all, of these theories are very radical and radical theories aren't usually popular in normal times.

My theory is very simple and goes like this. Movements, when societies change from one form of civilization to another, are like tectonic plates, and far-reaching effects are produced. What Karl Jaspers called the Axial Age (mid-Ist millennium BCE) was the result of tribal societies in different parts of the world, changing their state or phase, and becoming part of civilization. At that epoch were produced the great codes of law, the great philosophies and the great religions. Individualism was crowned in these civilized societies and the rise of commerce and science.  More >

 Global march of the right in the context of the dynamics of civilization3 comments
category picture14 Nov 2016 @ 22:11

Some commentators are speaking of a "global march of the right."

They fail to see or mention the connection between these developments and the

dynamics of Civilization. I have written about SuperCivilization and the reaction

to its coming by right-wing elements in the world, who I have described as "Not so

enlightened Despots". What is happening now, on a world-wide scale, cannot be

understood without recourse to the theory of civilization.  More >

 SuperCivilization, The Second Axial Age and not-so-enlightened Despots Cont.2 comments
category picture12 May 2016 @ 21:47

The spiritual commentators referred to earlier emphasize the great spiritual changes taking place now, and see globalization as the driving force of the fusion of different religions, philosophies and sciences.

One thing that is becoming clear is that a big reaction to these developments is already happening. Over the last few decades there have been moves in many countries, and it is gathering pace, to what I call the not-so-enlightened despotisms of strong, very macho leaders. This is a mirror-image of the benevolent despotisms that arose at the time of the 18th Century Enlightenment. Except that these present day leaders are very reactionary. And have macho, sexist, racist and homophobic attitudes and policies, all in the guise of being strong men and leaders.

They are desperately clinging to old certainties, which are passing away, and what they look like are out-dated 20th century relics who refuse to move on. The alternative to Progress and freedom for all, is fascism and the slavery of all. A new SuperCivilization awaits!  More >

 SuperCivilization, The Second Axial Age and not-so-enlightened Despots1 comment
category picture12 May 2016 @ 21:20

SuperCivilization is the term I use to describe the world that is developing out of the contemporary chaos of post-modernist society. We are witnessing the birth pangs of a new civilization.

Present day spiritual commentators are calling this time the Second Axial Age. This refers back to the Axial Age, which was the term Karl Jaspers (1949) used to describe the era that produced the great ancient religions, philosophies and codes of law in the middle of the first millennium BCE.

Those great developments were connected with the passing of tribal societies into civilized states, and the emerging problems of communication, individualism and legal structures.

I interpret current events in a reverse way;not as tribal societies passing into civilization, but rather as civilized societies passing into a higher form.

This will lead, I believe, to what Christians call the "Kingdom of Heaven", Marxists call Communism and I call SuperCivilization.  More >

 Economic Evolution2 comments
category picture28 Feb 2016 @ 18:55

Communism is Capitalism without Money

With Gift Economy and Spiritual Enlightenment and Love

What Else?  More >

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