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 Trends in Blogging2 comments
category picture4 Jan 2007 @ 14:20

It'll be interesting to see how Blogging in general fares during 2007.

Anyone and everyone, it seems, now has a Blog. I've noticed, somewhat cynically, that people are using Blogs simply to get listed in Google. So they'll Blog on a pet subject - or more likely Blog about something they want to sell or promote - except that they'll do it in a rather mechanical way so that key phrases abound in their copy.

Now, there's nothing *wrong* with that per se, but I think we'll a kind of 'sorting of the wheat from the chaff' as Google gets hip to the glut of Blogs that are simply promotional tools - and not very good ones at that!

I've cut the number of RSS feeds I subscribe to by about half. Often I don't get the time to read them anyway.

I wonder what the next Big Thing will be Internet-wise. Will it be Web 2.0 or has that kind of peaked and petered out already?  More >