Bob Kezer    
 Playing Our Part: Enacting World Peace
category picture11 Jun 2007 @ 15:57
“Playing Our Part” addresses how the average person can best participate in the effort toward a non-violent world. The fundamental constructs of fear and love are examined, as well as why we choose either base from which to make our decisions. Relating today’s violence to ancient ways of viewing God, a more refined image of Deity is offered. People are challenged to accept responsibility for their own growth, and are given hope humanity can evolve to where peace has its first true chance.  More >

 Deciding Peace
category picture5 Mar 2007 @ 19:36
Peace, whether in our homes or on our planet, is a product of choice - an environment conditioned by those present. It cannot be forced, imposed, or expected to flourish before its time: thinking so confuses the law of cause and effect. Whatever is used to bring about a new social order remains a part of us.  More >

 Praying for Peace
category picture10 Feb 2007 @ 21:39
Praying for Peace

When called to write a column for his church’s periodical, my friend asked if I had any thoughts on praying in response to terrorism. Applying prayer to our own lives can often be confusing - it becomes much more so when we hope to use it in any meaningful way to affect global events. Still, many of us wish to participate in this manner: how can we make our efforts more effective?  More >

 God, science, and spirituality - our personal responsibility for peace.
picture17 Jan 2007 @ 15:23

EUGENE, OR – JANUARY 17, 2007 – With God Refined: A Proposal for Peace, Robert Kezer answers what may be our most important question: Can the average person make a difference in the world, or are we destined to a future beyond our control - one of increasing war, environmental destruction, and disparity between the rich and poor?  More >

 Free e-book edition of God Refined: A Proposal for Peace
category picture17 Dec 2006 @ 23:05
Hi folks,

I’m offering everyone a complimentary e-book edition of God Refined: A Proposal for Peace.

If you like it, feel free to pass the offer on to anyone else who might have an interest.

Everybody can download a free copy at:

It’s a quick read – hope you enjoy it.

Take care,
Bob Kezer

God Refined: A Proposal for Peace

Religions have brought parts of humanity together, but they have also kept the whole divided: we have yet to learn that different forms of worship can reside as equals under the umbrella of a single sovereign Creator.

Ancient scripture based in fear and superstition is expected to take precedence over modern science and the hindsight offered by recorded history. While we have grown in many ways, we still lack our saving grace – knowledge that we are all children of the same loving God.

Drawing on the Urantia Revelation, God Refined describes an expanded view of Deity, one founded in truth, beauty, and goodness. We are offered hope and a path through the chaos consuming today’s world.

Extending theory into practice, Part 4 applies the principles discussed to the Arab-Israeli conflict showing how non-violence can only result from an environment conditioned by love. Our task is to evolve: the goal, a higher order of existence from where peace will have it first true chance.

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