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picture11 Sep 2010 @ 17:48, by Jeffrey Trenton Crace

Why do we identify like objects when we know that each one is not the other, and that each is unique in space, in time, in essence? Here, in what Ibn 'Arabi called the sensible realm, and others call the finite universe of limited quantities,each man is that man, and not others; men are not "men," envelopes are not "envelopes," thoughts are not "thoughts," salutations are not "salutations." These identifications are empty, meaningless for the sole purpose of navigating an entire realm that is just as entirely meaningless. But we do this, pretending that an envelope is Just like the lie that Lincoln perpetuated, that the states were created by the Union, while the truth was otherwise. They are not known, and we do not become intimately acquainted with them individually, unto themselves but rather as an instantiation of a meaningless category. These arbitrary groups have no fundamental existence. What is alive, and what is connected to Source, is 'that' thing or 'this' thing.

These meaningless groupings and identification happen after the fact, or posteriori, i.e. after the individual things have been born into the world. Archetypes, or templates of creation, are not posteriori--they are a priori. They are present before birth, and never after. They themselves do not exist but are dark and only become illuminated and thus born, when God breathes through them, shining His Light behind their skeletal structures. Then that archetype arrives here, as itself but also different, as an individual object, either as a mere object in someone's personal universe or an object in the universe we all can see.

These archetypes are perfect,--perfect images. What makes them perfect?...

(To be continued...)

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