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picture20 Jul 2010 @ 04:01, by Jeffrey Trenton Crace

People seem to be so contaminated by their body and body systems that they insist truth can only arrive as MEST appearing inside the cone-shaped wedge of physical perception in front of their bodies. Having been contaminated so, they live out their existence in doubt and denial. Like peeling apart a sticker from its backing, one's powers of perception can be freed from these limitations. Looking at what what might create these limitations...

There are a number of computations.

The first is:


In other words, for something to possess truth, or have a bearing upon the games of life, it must be dense, and dense enough for the human eye to perceive it. When fully examined, this computation will prove absurd. There are vectors hidden to the human eye that DIRECT, MOTIVATE and COMPEL game-play. Call them absolutes. Although these vectors cause dense objects to move here and there, these vectors themselves are not dense at all. Sit and watch a child play, or a musician finger his guitar, or lovers kiss--can you "see" the hidden vector directing them, carrying them along in its pursuit of fulfillment, like a puff of air directs a falling leaf to and fro?


Although this sounds absurd, this computation is ubiquitous. In front of the body exists a cone-shaped wedge of perception. Simply because the body gleans its information from this area does not mean that in this area all truth is found. In fact, absolutes are underneath physical life. Or, outside of physical life. While not IN the physical universe per se, they press their faces through the fabric of physical life, as if behind a sheet of linen. Can you "see" their faces in the mist?

Not to suggest the body is useless, it can be trained, its latent capabilities activated by certain techniques and practices. Only, its capabilities have been turned OFF by thousands of years of non-use. Its perceptual impotence has been reinforced by collective agreement regards its inability. Addiction to beauty and aesthetics (read: mystery) could be blamed for these inabilities. The overseers could be blamed as well (the elitist shadow governments of then and now).

What's fascinating though is that the body can be made to speak words beyond its own perception. The rub of it is that these words must be connected to true realities. Enter Word Clearing. As Chris Melchior says, effective word-clearing amounts to developing the ability to CREATE, or DUPLICATE, the reality behind the word. When that is achieved, it is safe to use the word. If that is not done, then talk has been veritably rendered cheap. The word may not be the thing, but it can point to it. Funny how lies can illuminate the path to truth.

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