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picture7 Dec 2009 @ 15:17, by Jeffrey Trenton Crace

Geoffrey Filbert says he always enjoyed good theater (he means life here), but most people just want to bitch about the agony. Denying or refusing or protesting suffering is a not-isness on the nature of life. It comes with the terrority...and if you look, suffering makes it a far more engaging and beautiful place. The point is to WIN. Of course. But, there ARE other people out there who may not be obsessed with your personal success...

People want life, but they only want the bright side, therefore they have to refuse the whole thing. Then they watch mock-ups of it on TV every night. Yet they wouldn't watch TV if there wasn't conflict, division, upheavals, disappointmenOr maybe their issue isn't suffering, it is...exit. They can turn off the TV. They cannot turn off life (that requires ofun).

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