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2010-11-20: A New Koan: Pigs Can Fly
2010-09-11: The Sharpest Image
2010-07-22: Cartographers of No Man's Land
2010-07-20: Burn the Motes From Thine Eye
2009-12-15: Notes On How To Act
2009-12-07: Two to Tango
2009-11-13: Schizophrenia, or The New You
2009-11-08: You Gave Destruction A Bad Name
2009-10-28: The Anointment of Noah Drake: "The Eclipse"
2009-10-26: The Anointment of Noah Drake: "Our Mother the Mind"
2009-10-21: The Reality of Unreality: Insights on Morphic Fields
2008-03-27: A Return to the Land of My Birth
2007-02-14: Free Will in Drag
2006-11-22: Transcendence and Immanence

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