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 System Additions
picture18 Nov 2006 @ 17:27, by Peter Sysko

We've just assigned 36 cateories of intelligent topics to our forum system . These topics have been duplicated in the Newz Section so that you can submit your own news on these topics.

These topics have also been duplicated in the WebLinks Component so that you can submit websites and pages under the categories of these topics. Make sure to Check In Items before you logout and be aware they won't be published until an administrator publishes them, with the exception of forum thread submissions. We've also addedtwo chat rooms: Public Chatter (Public Access) and the Temple Clubhouse (registered Users Only).

What we've also done is install a community builder builder component that allows extended functionality to your profile, including having a profile picture and avatar, a personal image gallery and your own guestbook. Also be aware that these modules are synchronized with the forum system. A link to the userlist was also added. We hope you enjoy these additions. We are working on finding more extensions, components, modules and bots to make this site superfunctional and genuinely awesome!

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18 Nov 2006 @ 17:25: System Rebuild

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